Nom Nom Truck – Nom ‘n’ Ate Banh Mi and Tacos

Nom Nom Truck - Banh Mi

Speaking of banh mi

The Nom Nom Truck drove right into my neighborhood.

Two blocks from my house.

And still, I drove to it.

Nom Nom Truck - Banh Mi

Nom Nom Truck - Tacos

Nom Nom Truck - Tacos

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  • samk

    (and took out the cilantro)

  • catty

    I was gonna say – EWWW CILANTRO!

  • Daily Gluttony

    Cilantro haters unite! I woulda taken that shizz out too.

  • Evan

    Nom Nom came in at #3 on our list of best food trucks in LA!

    You can check it out here:

    Thought you all would enjoy perusing the list for other good mobile eateries….

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