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Lately, I’ve been occasionally partaking in an indulgence that could be considered, well, nothing of which to be proud. Rather, it’s almost something that is looked down upon and yet, it is a “social” habit. A friend introduced me to it, and knowing my personality, I could see myself becoming totally, grossly, unhealthily addicted.

It has the letters c, i, g, a, r, and t.

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Horrible, huh?



Unhealthy addiction.

craig’s list. :)

It’s not Craig’s List itself that is so bad. For anyone who is anyone who was has tried to find a place to rent, rent out a place you have, find a job, offer a job, sell anything, buy anything, sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed (I love Llyod Dobler;) ) Craig’s List is actually a very decent, sometimes successful, marketplace. It’s an enormous electronic bulletin board where just about anyone who has a computer can post up information like it’s a cork board in the library.

However, Craig’s List is not just a classified listing. It has a social aspect to it, with “discussion fora” (they write “forums,” but I forgive them for that) on all kinds of topics from food to…I don’t know, to w4w, which I finally figured out stands for “women 4 women.” I think. I’m sort of scared to actually click open some of the messages, so I can’t confirm.

Now the part that is, *ahem* slightly addictive, that *coughcough* causes one to slump down a little lower in one’s seat and to pull one’s laptop screen down so that any random passer-by will not see one voyeuristically sneaking through “missed connections” in hopes that some admiring stranger from afar has posted about YOU. It is this one little section of the discussion fora that’s like an almost-dating-site. People post messages to their “missed connections,” describing a recent situation or experience, themselves, and their target “missed connection,” in hopes that said “missed connection” may have felt that same invisible, yet unspeakable-at-the-moment connection, and in such feeling of strange emptiness, checked Craig’s List’s “Missed Connections” only to find that missed connection. I have no idea if people ever end up connected. The posts are mostly *eh* but some of them are utterly hilarious.

Just look for yourself.

(As if you’ve never looked there before.)

I have absolutely no idea why I am strangely attracted to this little message board. Is it the voyeur in me? Is it that somewhere deep down inside my heart I hope that “the fated one” for me happened to see me in the Brentwood Whole Foods in front of the rotisserie chicken case at or about 7:30 pm on Wednesday, “you were in jeans and a baby pink baby-tee, I was in and that he has posted on Craig’s List looking for me?

No. And no.

I’m just weird and have nothing better to do, and in fact, I just may post this little “Missed Connection” myself:

los angeles craig’s list > delicious > missed connections > To the unassuming sushi bar…

To the unassuming sushi bar – w4s – 31 (santa monica)

Reply to: deliciouslife[at]gmail[dot]com
Date: 2006-04-14, 10:16AM PDT

it was a weeknight, last week. u’ve been there 4 eva, we make eye contact every time i drive up and down wilshire boulevard in SaMo, but finally decided it was a time for an intro. u’re not flashy, neither am i. BUT…

it’s just 2 bad that u’re sushi kinda suxx!!!1!! u’re just not very phresh, baby, and ur rice is 2 sweet to the point of sleazy. ur rolls are uneven, sloppy, and it’s not cool 2 be so loose, ya know? thought that ur teriyaki chix might be decent, but it was dry, overcooked, which is sooo yesterday (literally – yesterday’s chicken?) and no matter how much of greasy, shiny teriyaki pomade comb-over u add, u can’t cover that ish up, ya knowz??

fun 2 flirt witcha 4 a nite!!!111!! but let’s just keep this a missed cnxn, ‘k?

this is in or around Santa Monica
it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Noma Sushi
2031 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90403

** a year ago today,i must have had better things to do with my life because i didn’t post anything. weird. **

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  • santos.

    i had sadly learned early in life i would never be anyone’s missed connection (although, if it ever happened, i missed it, ha), but i used to take great delight (pre-craigslist) in placing hypothetical missed connections in the la weekly for friends addicted to it. i would work it so it could possibly be them, and also somehow work in a wistful reason why we could never meet (just in town for business from fresno, wife will never understand my possible true love was standing in line at the entrance of the san berdu swap meet). i’m positive it made them happy, if just for a fleeting moment.

  • Adam

    I LOVE Missed Connex. There’s always crazy stuff on there.

    Don’t worry, Sarah. Since you’re unemployed, you have more opportunity to plant yourself in high-traffic areas so as to be “missed” by someone. You’ll turn up on there soon enough.

  • Kate

    I’ll volunteer that practically my whole life, at one point, came from craiglist. my apartment and furniture remind me daily =)

  • Anonymous

    I love the “Say Anything” reference…

    Ahhh, John Cusack..

    Good Luck!

  • Deke Babamoto

    A bid for Sarah’s attention—essential.
    Respect for this grrl’s pen—spasming.
    Play on Craig’s List—brilliant!

  • Skip


    That movie is still great.

    Craigslist owes me a night of my life back for a date I went on. She said she was 38 (I was 32), and her pictures looked good.

    (But when she showed up, she looked closer to 48…maybe she meant that she was 38 in the pictures.)

    After an awkward hour at a bar, she asked me to move to Vegas with her. Sugar Momma? Cool. Sugar Grandma? Not cool.

    I miss LA.

  • Danielle

    Did you just give away your age?! Good for you!

  • Skip

    I’m a man, baby!

    (And much better at 33 than I was at 23!)

  • sarah

    santos: did they know it was you or you totally did it secretly? that is hilarious!

    but sorta mean.

    but still hilarious. LOL!

    adam: based on the missed connections, i have found out that the brentwood (where i live) whole foods market truly is THE biggest singles pick up joint in LA. i’m not going there anymore.

    kate: i’m always afraid to buy stuff from craig’s list (i odn’t know why), but i’ve sold a few things…

    anonymous: say anything might be in my top five movies of all time. wait. not “might.” it IS one of my top five movies of all time. i loooooove john cusack. love love love love love LOVE him.

    deke: thanky. :)

    skip: 38 is hot. 48 could be hot, too, depending on what city you’re in. and i’m very proud of your for being a man :)

    danielle: did i?!?! yes, yes i did. ;)

  • KT

    Heck, I STILL read Missed Connections and I am married. But it still would be flattering to be missed. Although I haven’t seen any for “girl with husband.” I also like to look for my friends so I can alert them. I have only ever seen one though that was actually for someone I know (it mentioned her by name) and she already had a boyfriend.

  • santos.

    mean? awww, i don’t think it was mean, unless perhaps a hypothetical missed connection meant more to them than ‘real life’. most of them weren’t a ‘destined to be together’ scenario, anyway–it was often “i saw you eating a softshell crab po’boy at the gumbo pot, and i admired your gusto and winning smile”….

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