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I hate the word “foodie,” and no, hate is not too strong of a term. When people refer to me as a foodie or say, “Sarah, you’re such a foodie,” I bristle and momentarily take a teeny bit of offense to it. It’s somewhat of a negative term that I’ve always associated with self-appointed “foodies” who are really just food snobs. They think they know about food because they dine at *ritzy glitzy* of-the-moment here and theres, drop names of famous food world so-and-so’s whom they say know, but only from reading their name on the bottom of the menu, and they say they crave sushi and caviar and fois gras, not because they really do, but because saying it makes them…a foodie. Ugh. *shudder*

Foodie snobs are different from food nerds, whom I love and admire. They are the ones who *ritzy glitzy* max through the next three billing cycles of their Visa because they love the way Ludo lifts liver to new levels, but damn if that nameless Indian hole-in-the-ghetto-wall makes a curry that sends them into orbit, too. And yes, they do know the face behind the fire because at the end of their meal, they just had to shake the hand of the wizard who cooked everything to perfection. And no, they aren’t afraid to say “no” to caviar even if it means a *gasp-you-redneck!* from others, and in fact, they do love fois gras, because it really and truly tastes good to them – not to me, but that’s okay. *breathe* So did you want to know how I feel about “foodies?” ;)

sunday comics – foodies!

So imagine how I felt about a restaurant named Foodies. What a horrible name. It makes it sound high-end hoity-toity fancy-schmancy, that is so snobnoxious that it calls itself a foodie right in your face. *bristle* The funny thing is, Foodies is absolutely the opposite of what I ever imagined, and the restaurant matches less the word “foodie” and more the feel of the sign out front that’s bright blue and canary yellow, in a typeface that looks like the title for a Sunday comic strip.

big soft pretzels instead of bread

Foodies is located, very un-foodie-like, on the second floor of my favorite mini-mall at the corner of Barrington and Wilshire. Yup, the mall that says “Massages for $39.” Inside, it’s a bright, clean, casual atmosphere, without overdoing any sort of themed ambience. Three of us walked in a few minutes late, and as we sat down with the rest of us, we all began to *whisper giggle whiser* about the two very hot (according to them, not me) early-30s button downs, who must have walked over to Foodies for a bite before returning to their Wilshire offices for another late night of legal-financial-realestate-accounting stuff. Other diners are older, younger, plainer, prettier…it’s a mixed clientele from the surrounding neighborhood.

fire roasted tortilla soup

Foodies has wine and several beers on tap, but with a corkage fee at only $6, we brought in a merlot *chuckle* that we picked up from the liquor store across the street. The menu offers good, solid all-American fare, like sandwiches, salads, burgers, simple pastas, and even a kids’ menu that has pb&j. Every meal at Foodies starts with big soft pretzels instead of bread on the table. I restrain myself, otherwise I’ll start crazy-dipping in one of the many different mustards and get too full before the actual meal. *eh* Too late, and I just can’t order anything except the fire-roasted tortilla soup and salad. Not too bad, though the soup was a little unnaturally red. Not like tomato red, not even cherry red. It was really really really weirdly red, but I ate all of it, especially since, duh, there was guacamole on it!

a solid southwest chicken sandwich

chicken quesadilla with black bean salsa

Everything we ordered was good. Nothing was outstanding, but that’s to be expected for simple, unfussy things like a southwest chicken sandwich, a roast turkey sandwich with mozzarella and pesto, and a chicken quesadilla. They all came with fries, which are air-baked, so we didn’t feel too guilty about finishing every last one. The macadamia nut encrusted salmon was about as exotic as it gets on the Foodies’ menu, and it, too, was good. We didn’t have room for dessert, but they’ve got basics like apple pie, chocolate cake, and ice cream.

macadamia nut ctusted salmon

I think their name hurts Foodies’ business – it might almost repel people, like it did me at first. But once I went there and tried the food, I realized what a nice restaurant, what friendly people, what good food, Foodies is. Defin
itely not for food snobs, maybe not even for a food nerd, but definitely for someone who’s in the mood for good simple food.

11701 Wilshire Blvd (@Barrington)
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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  • MEalCentric

    I couldnt agree more with the first couple of paragrpahs of this blog!! (Well I would agree with the rest too, but havent been to foodies)

  • hermz

    I hadn’t known the negative connotations associated with that word. Please forgive my ignorance.

  • molly

    yeah, I consider myself a ferd? a noodie? you get the idea. I prefer food nerd to foodie but I am not offended by the word as most people that use it don’t mean anything disparaging. I hope.

  • sarah j. gim

    aw…i don’t think it universally has a negative connotation – i think it’s just me. i’ve unfortunately met/known too many people who call themselves foodies and who, to me, are just annoying snobs, you know? but like i said, there are lots of people who really are foodies/food nerds ;)

    dude, hermz, you’re so not ignorant that it’s funny.

  • sarah j. gim

    molly – i wouldn’t *ahem* call youself a noodie in public. stop reading this, and say “i’m a noodie” out loud to yourself. yeah, see? nude-y. ;)


  • Jennifer

    I really like how they give pretzels instead of bread. It’s unique and cute. Their salads are a little pricey, but really good.

  • McQuaid

    Don’t bash the $39 massages at the Massage Co. They are great. Ask for Lupe. (I am dead serious.)

  • sarah j. gim

    OMG! there is no way i am bashing the massage company! LOL! in fact, i go there *embarassed to admit my guilty pleasure* almost every 2 weeks (sometimes 10 days!) and get a deep tissue massage from thanh! lupe is great too, for swedish, but she’s a little light-handed for me.

    it’s hard work, you know, tooling around l.a. and eating out so much ;)

  • mrs d

    I am so with you on the loathing of “foodie” thing! I much prefer “food nerd,” but that’s probably because I was a nerd long before I discovered a love of food, and, well, I do harbor a secret crush on Alton Brown. (Like who doesn’t?)

    The funniest thing about food snobs is I’d bet dollars to donuts most of them would freak if they actually spent any amount of time around the irreverent, rowdy, anything-but-snobby line cooks who prepare their ritzy-glitzy food.

    Oh, and my husband (one of those irreverent line cooks) can rave about the taste of fois gras with the best of ’em, but he does it with a sailor mouth. :-)

  • FoodZealot

    Foodie isn’t my favorite term either.

    But I have to respectfully disagree with you about the restaurant. I thought it was mediocre at best. I firmly believe that simple food can be done well – witness The Counter. But Foodies served us cold, dead fries and greasy, foodservice onion rings. Our other dishes showed similarly hacked together food. I could have been there on a bad day, but if they allowed food this bad to go out to customers once, they’d do it again. No thanks.

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree with FoodZealot. I’ve been to this place and would never go again. I had the cold, cardboard-like fries as well. The remainder of the food was equally as bad. The place caters to the west-side buisness yuppies, by trying to be trendy and snobby. It’s a rip-off, plain and simple.

  • sarah

    well, good thing it’s closed. LOL! i think the new place is called something like enzo angelini? or something like that. we’ll see how they do…that space is a tough one..

  • Anonymous

    Hey, do you know if it’s the same owners, but a different name and menu?

  • Anonymous

    I hope you know that the restaurant is owned by deaf people…with deaf people, the sound or connotation of the word is less importance than its physical appearance. If it has an attractive and inviting logo (like the image you’ve shown above), then they feel like it will attract customers. And don’t be condescending, not everyone knows what a foodie is, and by tearing the name apart and acting snobby about it, you’re just being a foodie yourself. Leave people alone

  • Samue l welsh

    no need for bloody snobs, but they fill the toilet well

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