Paddy Rice, Melrose – Pho

Paddy Rice, Melrose - Vegetable Pho

What the…

Okay, sorry. I won’t even try.

(They did try, and failed, but it’s still early.)

Fresh Spring Roll $6.00

Spring rolls with shrimp, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, vermicelli noodles and fresh herbs. Served after our entire meal, after the server took it to the wrong table. Twice.
Paddy Rice, Melrose - Summer Rolls

Paddy Rolls $6.25

Egg rolls with ground beef, mushroom, zucchini, rice noodle and fresh herbs.
Paddy Rice, Melrose - Eggrolls

Sauce for Paddy Rolls

Paddy Rice, Melrose - Eggroll sauce

Pho Chicken $7.25

Rice noodle soup with chicken and fresh herbs. Naked, because the server did not bring any of the usual herbs and garnishes.
Paddy Rice, Melrose - Chicken Pho

Pho Vegetarian $7.25

Rice noodle soup with tofu and mushrooms, served with fresh herbs.
Paddy Rice, Melrose - Tofu Pho

Paddy Fried Rice $7.50

House fried rice with marinated herbs, grilled beef and salad. Grilled beef tasted exactly like bulgogi – basically, Korean bibimbap on a plate.
Paddy Rice, Melrose - Fried Rice

Barley Tea

Bori-cha, imho.
Paddy Rice, Melrose - barley tea

Paddy Rice – Chandeliers

Paddy Rice, Melrose - chandeliers

Paddy Rice – Sign

Paddy Rice, Melrose - Sign

Paddy Rice
6909 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038
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