italian antipasto date night in board

Kind of feeling like a Date Night out at the favorite Italian restaurant all dressed up; but kind of also feeling like a comfy Night In on the couch wearing sweats. The Italian Date Night In Board does double duty and serves up all the favorites on a board or platter that you can set down on the table—dinner table or coffee table, depending on the vibe! This version of the Italian Date Night In Board stars Pomi Marinara Sauce, which is made from 100% fresh Italian tomatoes and is ready to heat and serve right out of the box.

Italian Date Night In Board recipe with Pomi Marinara Sauce two ways immediately below, cooking notes and resources follow.
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cheeseboard accompaniments dried fruit and nuts

What. You don’t have a well-stocked, meticulously organized “Cheeseboard Pantry” in which you keep all the dried fruit, nuts, spreads and other (mostly) shelf-stable or at least long-storing accompaniments to go with cheese and charcuterie?! [click to continue…]

grilled avocado lobster cobb salad board
Recipe for Grilled Avocado, Lobster, and Corn on the “Cobb” Salad Board with Avocado Green Goddess Dressing first. Shopping resources, additional recipe suggestions and tips, and personal notes follow.
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Cheese Board with red green and black grapes

There is a reason bright, fresh California grapes are a quintessential addition to every cheese board. California grapes’ flavors and textures balance the richness of cheese in a single bite. Fresh grapes also work as a perfect palate cleanser between bites.

And obviously, fresh grapes and cheese pair impossibly well with grapes’ fermented cousins, wine. [click to continue…]

red white blue cheese board for 4th of july

Red! White! Blue! It took a little time to put this together because other than blue cheese and the very obvious and ubiquitous blueberries, there are limited options for naturally blue foods. We did our best here.

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classic hummus on mediterranean mezze boardUse Hummus as a dip for pita bread and crudites as on the Epic Mediterranean Mezze Board, or spread on toast, grilled flatbread, or baked pizza piled with other vibrant vegetables, or as meditative therapy as prescribed below.

Recipe for Classic Hummus with Canned Chickpeas below, cooking Notes and ingredients Resources follow. If you’re more of a visual person, watch a short video of the making of the hummus here. [click to continue…]

mediterranean mezze board with hummus, tzatziki and other dips

Was going to spend the entire summer island-hopping around the Mediterranean on my superyacht but plans got derailed this year because of coronavirus and also because I don’t actually have my own superyacht.

Looks like an Epic Mediterranean Mezze Board at home is going to have to do. Unless you have a superyacht; in which case please DM me.

How to put together an epic Mediterranean Mezze Board, which is mostly a list of items for the board, and links to recipes or favorite store brands of the dips and spreads!

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