Miso Tahini Sauce on Soba Salad
For insta-friends who asked

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ramen grilled cheese with kimchi, cut, side view
A couple of years ago, I made the original Kimchi Ramen Grilled Cheese, just your regular ol’ grilled cheese sandwich, but with ramen noodles between two slices of bread. Your move.

Recently, I heard about the Ramen Burger, a burger with a burger patty between two “buns” made of ramen. Oh, next level, I see.

So this week, I made a Ramen Grilled Cheese with Kimchi, a grilled cheese sandwich with parmesan crusted, fried ramen noodles as the bread.

I win.

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meyer lemon thyme olive oil cake{image via instagram. follow: The Delicious}

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If you’re in a dining rut, try a new neighborhood!

I went to Venice and had dinner at Barnyard. The food was good.

And nothing will make you appreciate the commuting convenience and uber cost efficiency of your geographically narrow little dining rut like trying to get all the way out to Venice. [click to continue…]

tri colore salad with avocado cheese and fried egg
Contrary to what you might think about standard wardrobing for a SaHB (Stay-at-Home Blogger), I did not own a single pair of Uggs the first seven years I was food blogging. [click to continue…]

spring salad parsley lemon vinaigrette{image via instagram. follow: The Delicious}

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Thanks to the whopping 17 of you who played along in the giveaway last week — favorable F-ing odds, especially for Daria, who won the ring. Stay tuned, more to come, including but not limited to Chicken Cacciatore…

I don’t remember when, where, or how I ever had Chicken Cacciatore when I was little. There is no way that my mother, back when we were living in Michigan, Ohio, and Texas, would have ever made something so non-Korean, so non-processed. I can only assume that Chicken Cacciatore was offered at some point either for elementary school lunch when it wasn’t Salisbury steak or straw hats, or as a Lean Cuisine, which I ate on the daily during the last half of my high school career when I was a cheerleaner.

Cheerleader. That’s what I said.

(Patience, friends, someday I will come fully out of the pantry where all my disordered eating skeletons have been quietly rattling for the last idontknowhowmany years! But not today.) [click to continue…]