dessert cheeseboard with dark chocolate and matcha chocolate bark
They say the best way to get out of going to All! Those! Holiday parties! this season is…by throwing your own.

And since the whole point is to keep your life simple and stress-free, the last thing you want to worry about when you’re busy bedazzling your cocktail sweatpants is what to feed your guests. There is nothing easier than throwing together some fruit and cheese onto a dessert cheeseboard, and nothing more impressive than featuring something you made yourself like these gorgeous glossy dark chocolate barks studded with roasted salted Wonderful Pistachios No Shells.

The barks are so pretty, no one will know you threw them together in a few minutes, hm kind of like you right before your own party. Each dark chocolate bark takes about 10 minutes to make with chocolate that’s melted in the microwave oven, and Wonderful Pistachios that are roasted, salted, and ready to go into the bark virtually right out of the bag because they’re already shelled.

I know. You’re welcome. But don’t blame me when everyone expects you to host four more parties before the end of the year now.

p.s. Wonderful Pistachios Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Bark and Wonderful Pistachios Matcha Dark Chocolate Bark are also great Holiday gifts! [click to continue…]

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