latkes smoked salmon and caviar appetizer and snacks board for hanukkah

For all the (chosen) peeps and their adjacents, a Latkes, Smoked Salmon, and Caviar Board. [click to continue…]

triple whipped sweet potatoes

If my future husband doesn’t like blue cheese on whipped sweet potatoes, well I guess we’re just going to have to compromise and have blue cheese on whipped sweet potatoes. [click to continue…]


How are those scallions and celery that you put in a mason jar of water on your kitchen counter back in April doing? [click to continue…]

Not going to lie, candied dried citrus is a dime a dozen at the grocery store, and during the holidays, I am guessing you are receiving more than your fair share of gift baskets with some form of candied citrus in it. [click to continue…]

red green christmas cheeseboard

Red! Green! White! Took a minute to figure out how not to make a rectangular cheese board look like the flag of Italy or Mexico, but we got it. Festive AF. Ingredients Shopping List first, Tools and Equipment Resources after. Happy Forking Holidays. [click to continue…]

cheeseboard with dehydrated blood orange citrus crisps

How to make Dehydrated Citrus Crisps first, Notes and Shopping resources follow. [click to continue…]

roasted butternut squash with whipped feta and pomegranate salsa
Not sure how I will eat butternut squash any other way any more.

Recipe for Roasted Butternut Squash with Whipped Feta and Pomegranate Salsa first, Notes and Shopping Resources follow. [click to continue…]