Paper Chef no. 8 Awards Ceremony – The Golden Tomatillas!

Before I get to that which we’re all reading for…just a few words about our Chairman, the Grand Tomatilla! I’d like to personally thank Owen for dreaming up such an incredible event, one that challenges us month after month to think outside the recipe box. I’ve peeked back through history, and who would have ever thought to put eggplant with chocolate?!? Only a Paper Chef :)


This friendly little competition provides an opportunity for an interesting group of cooks and kooks to get together every month and share little edible pieces of our minds, without which, we’d just be in sweatpants, no makeup, hair pulled back in a bun, making souffles and quiches in the middle of a Saturday night and then inhaling them all in one sitting alone on the kitchen floor, propped up against the fridge with our imaginary friends….Cripes. Did I just blog that out loud? Um, never mind. ;) Anyway, Paper Chef if something I look forward to every month.

But truly, I don’t think I’m the only one who wants to thank Owen for being so dedicated to the food blogging community not only with his Paper Chef event, but also for publishing his book Digital Dish, an amazing collection of excerpts from the food blogs around the world.

the Golden Tomatillas!
the Golden Tomatilla awards!

And now, on to what we’ve all been waiting for…the Paper Chef awards ceremony, aka the Golden Tomatillas! Just as a **disclaimer** of sorts – this was probably one of the more difficults posts I’ve had to research and write. Selecting just one overall winner is tricky when every entry is incredible in its own way. I was amazed by all the creativity, skill, and just plain fun that showed though on each dish, so a few awards before we get to the big winner overall…

may i have the envelope please?
may i have the envelope, please?

Best Performance by Spinach in a Supporting Role goes to…
the Spinach Souffle from Rachael at Fresh Approach Cooking in her Spinach Souffle and Tapanade-Whipped Potato Timbale with Red Olive Relish.

Best Performance by Cheddar Cheese in a Supporting Role goes to…
Cheddar Shortbread from J of
KUIDAORE in the Cheese & Crema di Olive Nere Torte on Cheddar Shortbread with A Salad of Ratte Potatoes, Baby Spinach and Prosciutto!

Best Performance by an Olive in a Supporting Role…
goes to the Black Olive Hollandiase in Stefoodie’s Hearty Breakfast Skillet with Black Olive Hollandaise by none other than, Stef!

Best Performance by Potatoes in a Supporting Role goes to…
the Potato Shortcrust Cases by Pille of Nami-Nami in Potato shortcrust cases with Cheddar cheese, topped with garlicky spinach and olive filling.

Best Adaptation goes to…
Spinach and Olive Cigars with Cheddar Fondue from Ann of redacted recipes. This creation is an adaptation of Wild Mushroom Cigar with Manchego Cheese Fondue from New York’s Le Tableau.

Best Documentary Feature goes to…
Belated Roasted Pepper, Spinach and Olive Quiche, in which Martin of Serial Griller does an in-depth study, analysis and history of quiche.

Best Foreign Feature goes to…
Olive and Spinach Surprise: Alu Palak bonda, an Indian-inspired dish from Deccanheffalump of The Cooks Cottage.

Best Mini-series goes to…
Wasabi spinach ice cream with cashew & cheese wafers, olive & coriander salsa and an olive-spinach mandarine lassi shooter, an incredible 3-part series in mini Asian fusion dishes from the 2 Minute Noodle Chef of An Electronic Restaurant.

Best Special Effects goes to…
Sylvie of
Soul Fusion Kitchen
for her use of a George Foreman Grill to make Cuban Style Pressed Sandwich with Spinach, Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, Olive Tapanade.

Best Photography goes to…
Stephen of What’s For Dinner? for his soft yet sexy shots of Spinach / Cheddar Tart with Eggplant, Roasted Tomatoes and Olive Cream.

That leaves but one, and the Golden Tomatilla for…

Best Overall Entry into Paper Chef no.8. goes to…

taste everything once
golden tomatilla for best overall entry goes to taste everything once!

Jennifer of Taste Everything Once for her a wonderful, updated version of a classic, Warm Spinach, Cremini, and Kalamata Salad with Creamy White Cheddar Dressing!


Jennifer did such a great job of directing this ensemble cast. Each ingredient was so true to itself, so natural, yet the entire thing is such a complex and deeply emotional tribute to a salad that can speak to all seasons.

*hugs* Jennifer then hands over the Golden Tomatilla, and we wait for an acceptance speech….;)

Congratulations, Jennifer!

It was an absolute honor to be allowed to judge this time around, and I can’t wait to be a competitor again in the next one!

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  • Fatemeh Khatibloo-McClure

    Yes, you most DEFINITELY live in Los Angeles!

    Lovely write-up. As the winner of the aforementioned eggplant and

  • Sam

    Utter Brilliance.
    I am plotting and planning to (hopefully) do you equally proud on Monday, yes sireeee.

  • Kevin


    At least she has imaginary friends to share her souffle in LA. (Obviously whoever it was that told Sarah to “get a life” should have been more specific.)

  • Stephen

    Sarah…great job…as one of the wittiest, most creative writers in the foodblogosphere, you should be the one to initiate a food WRITING competition to challenge all us bloggers to aspire to the dizzy Delicious Life heights!

  • Ann

    No prize for yourself? :-) Great write-up!

  • Jennifer

    You like me! You really like me!

    Just kidding, it seemed like the right cliche for the moment. I’m honored to have taken the Golden Tomatilla for Overall Entry.

    With all the creatively complex entries, I was surprised that my little old salad walked away a winner.

    I’m looking forward to next month’s event!

  • Helen (AugustusGloop)

    Wow – what a ceremony! And not a wardrobe malfunction in sight!

  • 2-minute Noodle Cook

    LOL. Great write up! I had a lot of fun with Paper Chef #8.

    Thanks for the mini series award :). My website is just that, a “mini series” about an internet character called “Noodle Cook” based very loosely on the Australian reality TV show, “My Restaurant Rules” where contestants set up restaurants with one contestant winning theirs in exchange for having their every move, including any blunders, recorded on TV for millions of viewers.

    To wind up Paper Chef #8, I have created a peace and friendship offering using ideas from all participants: spinach, potato and lentil bake, with potato-lentil shortcrust base and spiced lentil topping, served with fermented black olive and yoghurt, along with pappadum cigars and raita dip, garnished with deep fried spinach. Of course, paneer cheese gets served on the side instead of cheddar. The cigars are for celebrating the wins.

    See whether you can pick who contributed what. Hints: Egg yolk was applied to the shortcrust base using Sarah’s entry, the double- crust idea comes from the Sylvie’s pressed sandwich….:)

  • 2-minute Noodle Cook

    Sarah, I almost forgot, to mention you have been awarded the 2-minute Noodle Cook’s Best Screen Writing award. Congratulations!

  • Sylvie

    Award for Special Effect- I want to thank G for supporting my food related quests, George F. for the grill and food bloggers all over the world for inspiration. Thanks to everyone who has eaten my food, attempted cooking in my kitchen, my day job staff and the boys in the neighbohood who were my test kitchen. Most of all, thank you Sarah for your suport. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Can you tell I always wanted to make an acceptance speech and I live in L.A..

  • stef

    LOL, thanks for such a creative writeup, reading that was as much fun as joining this event! and thanks for the supporting role award! (bow) Congrats and hugs to Jennifer and everyone!

  • sarah

    hey all! i’m glad you enjoyed the awards “ceremony” – and you’re lucky i didn’t decide to sing a song that incorporated everyone’s entries, lol! or tell horrible jokes!

    paper chef is always such a great time, and hopefully everyone else has as much fun as i do every month – seriously!

    and once again, i have to thank the grand tomatilla, owen, for being the mastermind behind it all!

  • deccanheffalump

    This is such a surprise!
    I promised myself I would not cry if an award was given to me but…but (sobs, tears,)oh… ah. (howls). (Recovery after several seconds).
    Thanks to Owen, Sarah, everybody, I love you.
    And, Thank God, i finally won something.

  • Pille

    What a wonderful write-up, Sarah:)
    I am extremely grateful for the best supporting potato role Golden Tomatilla! I want to thank all the foodbloggers out there who have been such a great source of inspiration!
    Suur-suur aitäh!

  • Anonymous

    Of course you choose a salad. Boring.

  • sarah

    of course?

    of course!

    and i also chose the souffle, the torte, the breakfast skillet, the potato shortcrust cases, the cigars, the quiche, the bonda, the ice cream, the Cuban sandwich, the tart… :)

  • Rachael

    How funny, I never even saw this post! I am so excited to read it now. Thanks for the mention, it was a fun challenge!


  • Anonymous

    Are there any recipes from French chefs on your blog?

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