Passionfruit Ginger Beer Gin Cocktail – The Delicious Daily 01.17.2010

Passionfruit Ginger Beer Gin Cocktail
Cocktails and boys who cook. Australia has begun its seduction.

(Much love and thanks to kcrw for the invitation to the private Good Food, Live! event during the G’Day USA weekend in Beverly Hills. It was fun to watch the cooking demos, taste wines from regions in Australia, and of course, hyperventilate like an 11-year-old fan girl when chef Curtis Stone sat down next to me.)

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  • Adri

    I was in Canada this weekend and was drooling all over myself while watching the Australian show Boys Weekend on their Food Network programming.

    How could you not go a little soft when they talk about fancy dishes in their cute little accents! Curtis Stone is so gorgeous I don’t know how you could not act like a fan girl!

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