Pomsecco Cocktail – First the Pomegranate Juice, then the Prosecco

I love calling this Pomsecco cocktail recipe a “recipe” because, like recipes for canned soup and cold cereal, the ratios and precise technique are absolutely essential for accurate results.

Please pay careful attention to the order in which the very complicated list of ingredients are poured into individual glasses. Add the pomegranate juice first, then the Prosecco; not the other vice versa way around. If you pour the Prosecco first, it will be wrong, even though all two of the ingredients end up mixing inseparably together into the same super bright, hot geranium-pink colored cocktail in the glass.

What? Everything you eat ends up in the same toilet place, too, but you don’t stir scrambled eggs into your Cabernet, now do you? Unless you haven’t sobered up by breakfast, that is.

Besides, if you pour the Prosecco first, and then the pomegranate juice, your cocktail will be a Prosegranate, which is awkward and confusing because is it “pross (rhymes with hoss) -egranate” or “prose (not poetry) -granate?”

Incidentally, don’t use any other type of sparkling wine, which will result in a Pompagne, or worse, Pomkling wine.

Names are important. Trust me. I’m not in marketing, but I do have a twitter account.

Pomsecco Recipe

Pomsecco Ingredients

  • Prosecco
  • pomegranate juice

Pomsecco Instructions

Read carefully. Two or three times before you even pop that cork is a good idea.

  • Pour 2 Tbsp pomegranate juice into a glass.
  • Pour enough Prosecco into glass with pomegranate juice to fill the glass.


More Prosecco Cocktails Around the Web:

  • not sure i would ever do this because the taste of roses makes me feel like I am eating powder (nonsense, I know), but KimSunee mixes Prosecco with Rrose petal confit and floats petals in the glass
  • Food & Wine uses saba, which made me wonder about their cred, but then realized that they were not, indeed, mixing Prosecco with raw mackerel, and instead mixing it with a condiment made from reduced grape must (which still sounds gross because it sounds like “musk”)
  • based on the classic Bellini, epicurious freezes sugar, peaches and Prosecco into a sort of sorbet
  • classic Bellini with puree from one whole peach in the glass at DrinksMixer
  • got to love the addition of brandy to CookingLight‘s Stawberry Bellini
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  • http://eventsbynoelle.com No-L

    Um, I’ll take one. Now.
    Maybe now?


  • http://iskrenovasa.blogger.ba/ Iskreno Vasa

    Wow… love it…

    • Barbara

      Did you use a brut or extra dry Prosecco?

  • http://www.thedeliciouslife.com Sarah J. Gim

    No-L: You got it! One Pomsecco Cocktail coming your way…

    Iskreno: thank you!

    Barbara: I can’t remember which type we used for the cocktail! I am gussing however, that the less dry would be better since pomegranate juice is pretty tart

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