Pre-tax Seduction – Delicious Dozen Links, Week Ending 4.12.08

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1. Food Fight – History of war told through food. Undoubtedly the most brilliant thing I’ve seen in recent times. If there is one link on which you click from this list, make it this video. [via Cho-Tabetai]

2. Writers Blog ’til They Drop [NY Times, Technology] – Food blogging might make you fat, but blogging in general could kill you.

3. This week’s food safety Terror Alert Level is yellow for salmonella on Malt-o-Meal, pieces of glass in Samuel Adams “sparkling” beer, and *gasp!* milk in chocolate covered espresso beans, not because having milk is bad, but because apparently, just as in relationships, hiding it is.

4. Washing Produce Doesn’t Remove Bacteria – So what you’re saying is, we shouldn’t eat…anything! Maybe we should just swallow fistfuls of vitamins and drink soda (because water isn’t safe either).

5. No Surge in Food Borne Illnesses – Then what’s all the fuss above? Conflicting information!

6. Feta Cheese Made from Raw Milk Has Anti-Food-Poisoning Properties – But who’s worried about food-borne illness when all you really need is a Greek salad?

Food safety! Too much information! Head imploding!

7. A Bleak Spring – first asparagus, now salmon? and just as I was finally getting over a messy breakup with tuna.

8. Upside of the Food Crisis – Wheat might be more lucrative than heroin, but the real issue is…can you smoke Wonder bread?!?!

9. In-Depth Food Cost Analysis

10. Papaya Shikai Maki and How to Roll Them – ausomest sushi you could never roll

11. The Boundless Value of Disposable Chopsticks – ways to save a few pennies here and there

12. Sex Survey – since food safety, global food shortages, and taxes are so depressing, a little bit of sex (3-13 minutes’ worth, that is) never hurt nobody

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1 SunJun April 26, 2008 at 6:24 am

4) I thought the primary purpose was to wash off pesticides? Ah well, I suppose we can just cook all our vegetables…

As for food prices, I suppose now is as good a time as any to start figuring out some good soylent green recipes.


2 sarah j. gim April 27, 2008 at 2:57 pm

sunjun, now that i think about it, i guess you’re right! i would hope that washing was always just to get that little bit of dirt (which isn’t a bad thing) off the fruits and vegetables (not even just pesticides).


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