Pumpkin Pancakes {recipe}

pumpkin pancakes
Pumpkins are orange. Unfortunately, homemade pumpkin puree that has been in the freezer for a few months is not.

Last winter, I made fresh pumpkin puree for the first time, and used a lot of the then golden-orange pulp right away to make breads, muffins, soups, and a korean porridge called ho-bahk jook (“ho-bahk” means squash, and “jook” refers to any type of porridge, typically made with rice). But still there was so much left, I froze it for future use.

golden pumpkin puree from winter

Well, the future is now. This month’s theme for Is My Blog Burning no. 14 is Orange You Hungry?, hosted by the Foodgoat. Not food made with oranges, but any food that’s the color orange. Cantaloupe, cheddar cheese, salmon, sweet potatoes, tropical fruits… Yay! I was excited to make a dish starring my frozen pumpkin puree. Seems a little out of season for April, but the morning was cold and gray, almost-ideal for letting pumpkin pancakes shine. They turned out thick and fluffy, smelled oh-so-spicy and perfectly pumpkin-y, but *sigh* they weren’t orange! The pancakes had substance, no really, they were great, but they just didn’t have the right look. Ah well, sometimes it’s only the outside that matters, especially here in L.A.

I slapped a little pat of butter atop the chubby stack of pancakes, dusted them with powdered sugar, and enjoyed breakfast while looking for another “orange recipe.”

Back to the ol’ chopping board…

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  • Anonymous

    I loved the pancakes! Figi.

  • Melandboys

    Where is the recipe?? I would really like to try them!

  • Melandboys

    Where is the recipe?? I would really like to try them!

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