Rabbit + Rattlesnake Sausage, Wurstkuche at LAWeekly’s Gold Standard Event

Rabbit Rattlesnake Sausage Wurstkuche LA Weekly Jonathan Gold Standard Event
Sausage…but “just the tip.” I mean, come on. It was like, a rattlesnake.

800 E. 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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  • http://dianatakesabite.blogspot.com/ Diana

    That’s the Sarah I know!

    You had me a little concerned there for a moment. Next thing you know you’ll be telling me you ate chocolate orange peels for breakfast and cilantro peanut butter on your toast!

  • http://www.sinosoul.com SinoSoul

    Tip of a long sausage. Perv.

  • http://culinarypyro.blogspot.com Rebecca

    am i the only one who thinks Wurstkuche is a *slightly* overrated hipster fad??

    don’t get the gator / pork sausage, but those truffle fries are to die for!

  • http://babamoto.posterous.com babamoto

    I used that line a lot when I was in high school. Thanks, SJG!

    • babamoto

      Ohhh, pls delete my last comment. Please?

  • http://vanillakitchen.blogspot.com dawn

    LOL! i don’t know how to analyze this post without Dr. Freud!!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/ilovegarick @ilovegarick

    Agreed, Rebecca. Overhyped fad.

    And to boot.. I saw one of the workers in one of their wustkurche t-shirts use the restroom without washing his hands. I mentioned this to the manager and he re-assured me that guy just got off his shift.

    Ummm, ok? He probably shouldn’t be wearing the t-shirt/uniform then, right? Or shouldn’t he be well-trained enough that you ALWAYS wash your hands after using the restroom? Or is this a practice to be observed only during work-hours?

  • Chris

    Yumm, good choice, but you can’t go wrong with the Duck and Bacon dog. You should try that next time.

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