rainbow stacked sandwich thanksgiving leftovers
How to build a Rainbow Stacked Sandwich with Thanksgiving Leftovers first. Notes, resources, and my personal thoughts after.


Here is the “recipe” for the Stacked Sandwich. The most important component is the cranberry sauce, which is what makes it “Thanksgiving Leftovers.” Any other condiment and it’s just a sandwich, though these ingredients, with the exception of the bread, are all actual leftovers from our Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, I served Lebanese toum (garlic sauce) with the turkey.

See Notes/Resources after the recipe for more information.

makes 1 sandwich for a very hungry person


2 slices sandwich bread
cranberry sauce
garlic toum
butternut squash, roasted and mashed
yellow carrots, roasted
fresh avocado slices
fresh romaine lettuce leaves
fresh baby spinach
pickled red onions
purple cabbage, shredded
roasted purple sweet potato, mashed


Toast only ONE side of each of the slices of sandwich bread. Lay the bread on a cutting board, toasted side up.

Spread one slice of bread with cranberry sauce. Spread the other slice with toum.

Stack the bread that has the cranberry sauce with the remaining sandwich ingredients, in rainbow color order: orange, yellow, green, purple. Top the layers with the other slice of bread. Press together firmly, making sure the layers don’t slip out the sides. Cut the sandwich in half.

Serve sandwich with extra cranberry sauce, pickled onions, and toum.


  • I toast only ONE side of the bread, which I turn to the inside because if the toasted side is on the outside, it will shred the roof of your mouth, especially a sandwich stacked to this height.
  • I used the Artisan Gluten-free Multigrain Sandwich Bread by La Brea Bakery, available in most regular grocery stores.
  • Toum is a bright white, fluffy, creamy Lebanese garlic sauce. Because it is made with nothing more than mostly all fresh garlic with a little bit of oil, lemon juice, and salt, the garlic flavor is very strong. I absolutely love it. There are recipes to make toum at home, but you can probably find it for sale at Middle Eastern markets, or even from Amazon. I buy this one from the refrigerated case with the hummus at Whole Foods Market.
  • Purple sweet potatoes are from Whole Foods Market, found where the regular orange (and white!) sweet potatoes are.
  • Any and all other produce from local farmers’ markets or Whole Foods market.


I know.

What kind of Thanksgiving Leftovers Stacked Sandwich has no turkey, no stuffing, no mashed potatoes, and no gravy for dipping each bite?!

The Thanksgiving Leftovers Stacked Sandwich built from all the vegetable sides that no one in my family ate because they ate all the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy.

Ok, that’s a lie.

There was a LOT of gravy leftover. But don’t worry about that. To use up leftovers, I went to the grocery store to buy MORE ingredients to make “fresh takes on leftovers!” that would again, turn into leftovers.

That would have to be used up.

I hate this game.

Anyway, while I was at the grocery store, I bought potato wedge French fries from the hot food counter to dip in the leftover roasted garlic gravy to use it up.

I win.


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