rainbow vegetable sandwich, vegan

Make no mistake. There is absolutely no polite way to eat a sandwich stacked this deep.

If you build it well, it will be virtually impossible to open your mouth wide enough to fit all the layers into your mouth, and while you’re trying, your nostrils will flare so much that anyone sitting within 10 feet of you will be able to see directly into your brain.

If you build it so that you can actually eat it, flatter, smashed, maybe with a few of the colors left out, well, it wouldn’t be nearly this blog/insta/pin/snap-able.

Happy National Sandwich Day.


I made this sandwich vegan and gluten-free/grain-free. See Notes/Resources after the recipe.

makes 1 sandwich for a very hungry person


2 slices sandwich bread
roasted beet hummus
roasted garlic aioli, greek yogurt, or whipped cream cheese
julienned carrots
curry-roasted cauliflower
avocado, sliced
green tomato, sliced
cucumber, sliced
1-2 Romaine lettuce leaves
purple cabbage, shredded
roasted purple sweet potato, sliced


Toast only ONE side of each of the slices of sandwich bread. Lay the bread on a cutting board, toasted side up.

Spread one slice of bread with roasted beet hummus. Spread the other slice with roasted garlic aioli, greek yogurt, whipped cream cheese, or any other sandwich spread of your choice.

Stack the bread that has the roasted beet hummus with the remaining sandwich ingredients, in rainbow color order: orange, yellow, green, purple. Top the layers with the other slice of bread. Press together firmly, making sure the layers don’t slip out the sides. Cut the sandwich in half.

Serve sandwich with extra roasted beet hummus, roasted garlic aioli, and pickled pink onions.


  • I toast only ONE side of the bread, which I turn to the inside because if the toasted side is on the outside, it will shred the roof of your mouth, especially a sandwich of this size.
  • I used the Artisan Gluten-free Multigrain Sandwich Bread by La Brea Bakery, available in most regular grocery stores.
  • For a “quick” beet hummus: wash, peel and chop a red beet, and boil until very tender. Puree the cooked beet in a food processor, and mix a few tablespoons of the dark pink puree into store-bought plain hummus. It will turn bright pink.
  • Any spread, dip, or condiment will work opposite the beet hummus. I like Kite Hill’s almond milk cream cheese (vv), which I find in the refrigerated or cheese section at Whole Foods Market. A thick, strained yogurt or mayonnaise works, too. The sandwich will be vegetarian (not vegan) if you use regular yogurt or mayonnaise.
  • Purple sweet potatoes are from Whole Foods Market.
  • Any and all other produce from local farmers’ markets or Whole Foods market.
  • “Sandwiches” is one of the “Epic Tailgate Party Foods,” #18 on the 50 Things to Eat Drink Do and Wear for Fall Bucket List. Though I am sure the a Rainbow Vegetarian Sandwich isn’t quite what we had in mind when we were thinking “tailgate.”

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1 Hanna De October 2, 2017 at 2:12 am


I’m working as photo editor for the new french magazine “Dr Good” (woman magazine about health and wellness).

We would like to make a paper about Rainbow sandwich for our next issue. On internet, I discovered your website and your recipes of Rainbow sandwich.

I would like to know if we could use one of your pictures to illustrate our paper .

Please let me know what you think about it.

All my best

Dardour Nadège (hanna)
Photo editor Dr Good


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