Renu Nakorn Thai, Norwalk {restaurant} – Filling, Avoid.

Renu Nakorn Thai restaurant, Norwalk, LA, CA - kraphao eggplant

Speaking of France — rather mentioning France, dangling it out there for a moment, then promptly retracting it like the cooktease that I am — speaking of France and gray hair and duck

Ok, that’s just too many huge and heavy topics to tackle all at once, so we’re going to do this the best way we know how to conquer an easily divisible load of stuff.

We’re going to avoid it altogether and blog about Thai food!

Actually, I’m only going to post a few pictures from Renu Nakorn because I don’t have much to say about it other than it is located in Norwalk.

So, “Renu Nakorn is located in Norwalk.”

I know. Who would ever think to open a very good Thai restaurant in Norwalk?! I only know Norwalk for the jury duty I had to do there before I discovered that you can have your duty transferred to a different location.

Yes, Renu Nakorn is in Norwalk. Which means that you could probably apply for a passport, by mail because the Federal Building is scary, work temp-full-time during those 6 weeks it takes to get your passport-by-mail to pay for the $1,000+ roundtrip tickets, fly to Thailand, eat and come back in much less time and with much less effort than it takes to actually crawl down the 5 freeway to get to Renu Nakorn.

The kraphao eggplant is delicious!

Fried Tofu

Renu Nakorn Thai, Norwalk - Fried Tofu

Tom Kah Kai – Spicy Chicken Soup

Renu Nakorn Thai restaurant, norwalk - tom kah kai chicken soup

Chili Pepper and Hot Sauce

Renu Nakorn Thai restaurant, norwalk - chili peppers

Renu Nakorn Thai Restaurant, Norwalk, CA

Renu Nakorn Thai restaurant, norwalk

Renu Nakorn
13019 Rosecrans Ave, Ste 105
Norwalk, CA 90650

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