Roast Turkey and Cranberry Sandwich – Can’t a Blogger Just Eat a Sandwich?!

thanksgiving 2006 - turkey sandwich
As I’ve said, sometimes I wonder if I’m insane. Sometimes I wonder if I go through all the trouble of preparing Thanksgiving dinner just because what I really love about Thanksgiving dinner isn’t dinner. It’s everything that comes afterwards.


But not because I like the leftovers themselves.

I love the challenge of coming up with alternative ways to eat turkey, without rep-eat my Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey Eggs Benedict. Turkey Quesadillas. Turkey Vegetable Soup. Turkey Pot Pie. Turkey Chili. Turkey Curry. Even the side dishes get into the game. Cranberry sauce goes into quick bread. Sweet potates get mashed into croquettes. My crowning achievement was mixing mashed potatoes with peas and spices and making “samosas.”

I know.

I impressed myself, too.

thanksgiving leftovers, turkey sandwich
i don’t even like sandwiches

Turkey Tetrazzini, though, has never made the playlist. I do have standards, you know (No offense to anyone who makes or loves Turkey Tetrazzini. I just have very traumatic memories of the stuff from my elementary school cafeteria.)

This Thanksgiving, however, I only went as far as making roast turkey stock on Thanksgiving Day, but no further than enough Turkey Vegetable Soup that by itself, has enough leftover for a week. I haven’t had a moment of time to make anything that requires the expenditure of any energy whatsoever, either my own or The Gas Co’s. I thought about frying a quick Turkey Omelette for breakfast, thought better of it, poured Turkey Vegetable Soup from the corner of the plastic container into the only microwave-safe piece of dishware I have, a 20-year-old Corningware bowl with the golden butterfly pattern, and nuked Turkey Vegetable Soup in the microwave oven.

I don’t have time to cook. I don’t have time to be creative. I might even say that in the last few weeks, particularly with making the ultimate tribute to semi-homemade cooking, the green bean casserole (I’m sorry I keep mentioning it, but therapists say that talking about things help you get over them), I have gone the way of Sandra Lee. I don’t “cook” anything. I just throw things together like…a turkey sandwich. I had to make a turkey sandwich.

I know there is nothing wrong with a turkey sandwich. Slap cold slices of turkey between two pieces of bread slathered with mayo (some people put mashed potatoes and stuffing in their sandwiches, but that is really nasty to me). The turkey sandwich is probably the most frequently made creation after Thanksgiving because it’s easy and I guess it’s pretty tasty, but I don’t like sandwiches. If I have to eat a sandwich, I pull everything apart and eat it in pieces.

But then I’d have a rep-eat of my Thanksgiving dinner. With a side of sandwich bread.

** a year ago today, we made two turkeys: one to eat, one for “leftovers” **

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Nice tips on cooking turkey sandwich!Thanks!


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