Ruby Red Grapefruit Half- The Delicious Daily 01.09.2010

Ruby Red Grapefruit Half

Whether I actually ate grapefruit for breakfast or just took a picture of it, slapped the two halves back together and threw it onto the top shelf behind the fat-free soy milk in the refrigerator, in favor of kettle chips, no one will ever know.

No one.

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  • dawn

    geeee with that intro it’s so obvious chips were king baby!

  • djjewelz

    the grapefruit is probably being saved for something more worthwhile than breakfast, like an alcoholic concoction.

  • AK

    I love not knowing. …Maybe she did! Did she? …nooo, she wouldn’t! Of course she would!!

  • Sarah J. Gim

    dawn: OR.

    I could be scamming you completely because I ate both! You will never know!

    djjewelz: You might know me too well. You might. Greyhound! (Or would it be a Pinkhound?)

    AK: the mystery of me just keeps you coming back for more, doesn’t it?

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