[update] Salt’s Cure Weekend Brunch – Go With Enough People to Order the Whole Menu

Salt's Cure - Bacon Cheeseburger

All a girl ever wants in life is a really good Sunday brunch.

And a boy who understands my ordering “Mimosa, hold the orange juice.”

Bacon Cheeseburger

Salts Cure - Bacon Cheeseburger

Smoked Sturgeon

Salts Cure - Smoked Sturgeon with Flatbread and Pickles

Ribeye Steak and Eggs $22

It also comes with fries…
Salts Cure - Ribeye Steak and Eggs

Pickle Plate, $5

Added Smoked Ham, $7.
Salt's Cure - Pickle Plate with Smoked Ham

Pickled Okra

Saw jars of regular pickles and red onions on counter bar, which hopefully means we can buy the Pickled Okra, too.
Salt's Cure - Pickled Okra

Duck Hash, $14

Hollandaise like air. Perfect poach on eggs. And I don’t even like duck.
Salt's Cure - Duck Hash Plate

Duck Hash

Not shredded, diced or cubed. Just one (maybe two?) potatoes, smashed.
Salt's Cure - Duck Hash


Salt’s Cure is also a retail butcher/shop. We will be back to buy the bacon, because when we asked to buy it for brunch at home this past weekend, they told us they don’t have enough, not even to keep up with their own 2x2x2s. Tomorrow? “No…” Next week? Blank stare. “It’s going to be months. There aren’t enough pigs. They don’t grow that fast.” Oh.
Salt's Cure - Bacon


Housemade sausage with what sensed like orange zest, whip-you-with-my-belt bacon, gorgeous tang-yolked eggs, but the winner on the plate was a shy, quiet little biscuit in the background that melted at the slightest breath.
Salt's Cure - 2x2x2

Roasted Potatoes

On the neighboring table. Was going to order these, along with side of grits and orange cinnamon roll, then we realized there were only two of us eating.
Salt's Cure - Roasted Potatoes

Fish and Chips, $16

Props to the girl at the next table who ordered this. Twice.
Salt's Cure - Fish and Chips

Blue Cheese Burger, $15

I felt it. From three feet away.
Salt's Cure - Blue Cheese Burger

Napa Smith Pilsner

Salt's Cure - Napa Smith Pilsner Beer

Coffee, French Press

Beans from Barefoot Roasters in San Jose. Ground to order by hand.
Salt's Cure - Coffee French Press

Brunch Menu

We got the last Duck Hash.
Salt's Cure - Brunch Menu, Sunday 11.14.2010

Water, Beer and Mimosa

And somewhere in between, the boy.
Salt's Cure - Water, Beer, Mimosa

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1 Kathy November 17, 2010 at 5:48 am

Luscious photography – even better food. I know. I love this place!


2 Diana November 19, 2010 at 3:00 pm

I love that you took pictures of someone else’s food.

Next time I think you should ask to steal one of their potatoes too…

… or make the boy do it. ;)


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