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So? What do you think? Don’t hold back. Seriously…

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  • guest

    i’m a girl, so no expert.  but that picture is hotter than, oh 90% of the ones i’ve seen on dating sites…facebook….
    do kind of have to wonder why you chose, which i’ve always thought skewed old/traditional/boring (i.e. full of failed men who wish they were the kind of successful men who marry their secretaries.)
      i’m pretty sure that  if i put up a profile like yours on okcupid (which admittedly is the only dating site i’ve actually used), i’d have .. 20 responses in the first day.  (but maybe that’s geographical, since i’m in the boston area.)
    the chihuahua entry made me laugh so hard i snorfed my cereal milk.  thanks a lot. 

    ps.  i love your blog … found it through joanne bruno’s

    • Sarah J. Gim

      my embryonic rodent-like creature thanks you :)

  • guest

    i think it’s funny and doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is always great. if isn’t working for you, i’ve heard good things about, by the way.
    honestly, i’m female so this is pretty much irrelevant, but…who wouldn’t want to date you? you’re genuinely pretty, you can cook (and enjoy it!) and you’ve got a great sense of humor. 

  • Cochran Cj

    I don’t count either, since I’m female as well, but I’d totally date you if I were a guy. Maybe the part about having a bazillion gadgets so you can continue working is a bit offputting, but overall you sound adorable and like a lot of fun for the right type of guy. Not the db trying desperately to his college days of shotgunning brewskis, but a good, solid, arty food guy. 

    • Sarah J. Gim

      cochrancj: i am of the belief that there is someone for everyone so that “db trying desperately to his college days of shotgunning brewskis” *could* be the right guy…but for someone else! solid (though not maybe too arty – i am creative, but am not an arty person), and definitely a food guy ;)

  • eri-chan

    I’ve never commented here before, even though I read pretty regularly, but I just had to drop in on this and say massive kudos for not giving in to your friend’s ideas of how you ought to be presenting yourself to get a date, and staying true to you. I have never understand the point of pretending to be someone you’re not just to get the attention of a potential partner – if you’re getting their attention under false pretentions, they’ll end up just as disillusioned as you when the farce becomes too  much. Be yourself, and maybe less guys will be banging down your door (though I can’t imagine why) but the ones who do come looking will be looking for the real you, because they genuinely appreciate who you are.

  • Sarah Kenney

    Sarah…I’d date you!!  Wait,  I’m a 40’ish momma with two teens.  I was laughing so hard I had to stop and re-read your post to my 18 year old daughter…and then we were both sniggering.  Wait…sniggering sounds mean…chuckling!  All I can say is…you are BEAUTIFUL, witty, talented, intelligent, and hilarious.  I can’t see anything that a guy wouldn’t just adore.  I don’t know how my daughter will EVER meet someone…she is such an introverted bookworm…with a def. nerdy side thrown in.  

    • Sarah J. Gim

      sarah: your daughter will totally meet someone! maybe not for a few years (my guess is she’s on a study track – sounds familiar), but she will :) thanks so much for reading!

  • Eve

    Oh sweetie, it’s fabulous and it’s totally you. I’m glad you stuck with it. And I’m glad you included photos of you smiling. You look best when you look happy, ie., smiling. xoxoxo,

  • Rachel

    You should check out the chapter on online dating in the book “The Upside of Irrationality”  by Dan Ariely.  It really changed my perspective on creating a profile that was really “me”.  Best of luck.  

    • Sarah J. Gim

       thanks for the rec, rachel!

  • Cin

    You’re adorable…!! if I was a guy I’d date you. Best of Lucks!!

  • Adri (thegirlblogger)

    I love it! My biggest question is how on earth did you end up with Daisy if you don’t like her breed?

    • Sarah J. Gim


  • Ariannecarson

    You should definitely try  I’ve used several dating sites and it’s by far my favorite.  It has, for the most part, functionally nerdy guys who are just the right amount of awkward to match my own awkwardness.  But, I’m also in NYC.  So it might be different in LA.

  • Amy @FragrantVanillaCake

    I see nothing wrong with your profile!  You are adorable and I am amazed that the guys did not contact you right away!  I was on match for a while and could never get used to talking to so many guys at once.  It was overwhelming, but best of luck to you :)!  I hope you find a wonderful guy!  BTW, loved reading your post it was hilarious and I could totally relate having written one of those profile things myself ;)!

  • Sookywon

    I still submit westcoastwired sounds like the guys who install your woofers & your Pioneer stereo. But I’m glad you were true blue & kept your voice. Bc it is beautiful. Yes, I’m writing another match profile in my head.

    • Sarah J. Gim

      if ever you quit your day job, you should become a professional profile writer for match. they charge $30 to write one for you!

  • Kirk

    “embryonic rodent-like creature” far from it Sarah! Good luck!

    • Sarah J. Gim

      kirk – you have obviously never seen the big D. she basically looks like a kangaroo rat crossed with a fruit bat.

  • Anna Goldberg

    Good for you for putting back up your own words! My sisters sat down a few weeks back with a bottle of wine and my laptop and terrorized my match profile. “Not sexy enough!” they said. I had to change it all back the next morning (I think I kept one sentence of theirs). I too have not had much luck on match and okcupid just attracts the really really creepy guys, but I too have *ahem* a quirky profile. There is no way I can hide being me for longer than 5 minutes without literally exploding. I’m not good at faking it or keeping quiet, and you’re totally right when you say that if you do pretend…who will you end up with? No one you want to be with. I think your profile is adorable, funny and just enough to get the right guy’s attention. In the mean time, take the next step and wink at someone that catches your eye. Send an email to that hottie with the funny profile. Or go take a class doing something you love. Join a Meetup group that does something you love or want to try in your area. I can’t say that you’ll meet the one, but you’ll at least have fun and won’t be sitting around waiting. Gosh it’s easier giving advice than taking it ;)

  • Kcho

    You managed to fill out those mundane categories with such a fresh voice. I feel like the choice of using your own honest to goodness profile was a life straightening moment. I think somebody just calibrated herself!

  • Tami Alteri

    I think your profile is great!  I wouldn’t change it in the least.  I always figured that I can only be me and if I have to pretend to be someone else, that person I’m trying to impress isn’t right for me.  I think there are plenty of guys that will appreciate your profile and quirkiness – it just might take more than 24 hours for them to find you.  BTW, I can prove that yours if not the worst profile ever…see my excerpt here (warning, this may convince you to stay single):

  • Vai

    I am going to just spend it being creative, spending time with my family, going to baking and pastry school:)

  • Rossmor4

    Dont see the problem with the profile at all. Most of the girls I have spoken with who are attracting a lot of guys
    on match are actually really bummed with the quality.  Who has the time to go on endless bad dates anyway?
    Better to be yourself and find someone who appreciates you for who you really are, than to feed your ego at the price of your sanity.  If you are wise enough to stay true, you will find what you seek.  Oh and by the way, I am a guy.

  • Bee

    I never had a chance to use but your profiles crack me up. If I were men and on Match, I would totally want to wink and date you. (PS: But why are you using Match? Thought you found that Mr. Special Someone????

    • Sarah J. Gim

      Bee! thanks for reading the post :) I DO have someone special! i guess i have a lot to explain in the next few posts…!

  • Leslie

    I totally agree with you about presenting “the real you” instead of someone you’re not…if you are in integrity hopefully you will also attract someone who also is in integrity. A friend of mine went through many online dating fiascos but then met someone totally awesome that she has been with for several years now and going strong. Don’t give up! Your profile and writing shows you as an attractive, fun person with an excellent sense of humour. Best wishes to you!

  • Anna B

    I don’t think it’s an awful profile. I think you seem sweet and cute and fun. Although I am a single girl too, so I may not be the best judge. I do think the 2nd photo in the “other photos” section would be a better profile picture. You look happier and more approachable in that photo. By the way, I love your blog. You are really good at what you do.

  • caroline

    thank goodness i found your blog! you seem to have the same taste cravings as i do. and although i too am a girl, i’d totally date you if i were a man. you seem like such a funny, genuine person and you’re freaking gorgeous to boot. glad you found somebody.

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