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After eating at Yuuki, a very non-descript, unobtrusive, relatively unremarkable Japanese joint on Sawtelle last weekend, I began to wonder how many other places I’ve completely ignored along this five blocks. I’m sure it’s been hundreds of times that I’ve driven up and down the street looking for parking to go to one of the handful of places I’ve been going to for years, like hurry curry and hide sushi. sure, some of them, i’ll discover, didn’t need to be discovered, but others, like Kiriko, i’ll realize what i’ve been missing!

I’ve decided to start a mini project – trying every restaurant, cafe, and other place to grab a bite on this little strip known, if i’m not mistaken, “little osaka.” Here’s the hit list, sort of in order from north to south along sawtelle (i may have to cruise down sawtelle at 5 mph cruise to verify that some of these places are still open, or fill in some holes!):

Sawtelle Blvd, west side of the street:

  • Sushi Sasabune – now Bar Hayama
  • o-sho
  • yuuki restaurant
  • Asahi Ramen
  • place yuu
  • volcano tea
  • blue marlin
  • kinchans
  • 2117
  • (the crepe place – can’t recall the name)
  • best bowl
  • manpuku
  • little hong kong
  • hurry curry of tokyo
  • cafe paradiso
  • kiriko
  • yakitoriya
  • ginza-ya bakery
  • cafe muse
  • (is there something in the old old old mishima spot?)

Sawtelle Blvd, East Side of the Street:

  • mizu 212
  • Ketchy’s
  • Hanoi Cafe
  • Sushi Tenn
  • Orris
  • Lollycup
  • Sawtelle Kitchen
  • Hide Sushi
  • gr/eats
  • Karaoke Bleu
  • Fu Rai Bo
  • Upper Tea House
  • Nijiya Market
  • Yuu Yuu
  • Curry House
  • Mousse Fantasy

and off the eaten path

  • Mori Sushi, Pico Blvd
  • nan ban kan, Santa Monica Blvd
  • New Japan, Santa Monica Blvd
  • Ramenya
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  • Tmblweed

    hi there…fellow chowhounder. Looking forward to your critiques of the places on Sawtelle! Thanks for all your efforts!

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you get a real job?
    You taste food with your ass.
    Try your mouth, thats where the taste buds are.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of Sawtelle, check out http:///

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