Screw You! Part Deux – Corkage Around La La Land

For the list of Corkage Fees for Los Angeles Restaurants, please head over to a more recent post [here].

** a year ago today, bi-bim-bahp was a labor of love **

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  • KT

    Here’s a comment!

    I think the corkage list idea is a good one.

    I will add to it by saying that the BIN 8945 Wine Bar and Bistro which is just on the verge of opening in West Hollywood, has a corkage of $15.00.

    This despite the fact that they have over *450* labels in their collection, *100* of which are under $50, so I don’t know why you would ever pay an extra $15 just to bring your own, but … you know … whatever.

  • sarah

    thank you, kt! i will add that to the list!

  • Ellen

    Marouch has an $8.99 corkage fee. (Don’t make fun of the 99 cent part. I tried last night and was met with a dirty look.)

    Marouch Lebanese Restaurant
    4905 Santa Monica Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90029-2537
    (323) 662-9325

  • Anonymous

    Cobras has no corkage fee at all… whether you buy next door or not!

    I also know Cafe Bizou in Sherman Oaks has no corkage fee… may be different at their other locations.

    Great list, thank you!!

  • sarah

    thanks for the tips, all. i am updating the master list…

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