She Want that Lovey Dovey (*echo* Lovey Dovey *echo*), Link, Link – Delicious Dozen Links for Week Ending 3.22.2008

delicious life, delicious dozen links, week ending 03.22.2008
1. This week’s Food Terror Alert is a stunning shade of ORANGE for cantaloupe with salmonella. And who knew you didn’t have to wait for a press release to get all food recalls, all the time?!?!

2. The Fat Pack Wonders if the Party’s Over [NY Times]- Food blogging makes you fat. I already knew that. (That rhymes. I’m like the Dr. Seuss of food blogging!)

3. Push to classify Internet Addiction as Mental Disorder – I’m not addicted. *clutches laptop to chest* Really, I’m not.

4. Cupcakes with laptops and cellphones also in pink and green – Speaking of addictions, cupcakes with laptops and PDAs for the sugarwebcrackwhore

5. Coffee Bean open Till Midnight – When you’re caffeinding late at night, the drive-thru Coffee Bean at Sepulveda and Palms is open until midnight every night

6. A Week in the Life of Jonathan Gold’s Stomach [LA Weekly] – See? SEE?!?! See why I crush on J Gold?!

7. Superfruits, Super Powers? [LA Times] – Don’t believe the antioxidant hype, though I swear the goji berries are working.

8. Chain Restaurant Food or Band Name? – Tyler Florence would be the lead singer for The Applebees

9. The Ketchup Conundrum – Malcolm Gladwell on ketchup and mustard. A little older, but still a good read from the author with the ‘frO-M-G.

10. Starbucks Tips Ruling is Made to Order for Baristas – Now that’s a tipping point

11. Schweppes commercial – It makes me wish for summer. Oh, wait, it’s 90 degrees right now. LA Summer starts in March.

12. Foodie Fashion Finds: Fuze Slenderizing Lip Gloss and a Cheeseburger Dress (double-double for those of us food bloggers *see above*)

And a bonus to make it a baker’s dozen: Clueless Guys Can’t Read Women – How is this news?

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  • Anonymous

    the whole superfruit craze has me laughing. all the desperate people out there pushing their multi-level marketing hype that the $5 spent each day will save their lives. so are you pushing it “to save someone’s life” or are you trying to make money?

  • sarah

    anonymous: the good thing is, at least the super fruits (acai) won’t hurt you (at least. as far as we know), unlike some of those other MLM things like herbalstuff and diet miracles.

  • Grace

    90 degrees? surely you jest. i think we topped off at 30 degrees yesterday and i’m so jealous of you i can barely stand it. :)

  • sarah j. gim

    a grace: it was 90 degrees. an of course in perfect schizo LA fashion, it was something like freeeeeezing today.

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