Sing with Me Now! Amazing Graze for Dine & Dish no. 6

dine and dish number 6
Whee! We’re going to be dishing it out on Monday, February 27th.

Dine & Dish this month, Amazing Graze, is all about grazing through small plates, whether that’s a long, lazy Sunday afternoon plucking plates of dim sum off passing carts or picking at meze between shots of ouzo or even sharing little bites of anything, across the table, arms entwined, for that special February lover’s holiday…President’s Day. ;)

I’ve been practicing for this month’s Dine & Dish first with my own little Spanish tapas party, and then a visit to Shin Sen Gumi for a culinary fashion show of skewer after skewer sashaying down the catwalk baring their (chicken) thighs and (pork) bellies. Since I’m on a wee bit of a *cough*diet*cough* this month, there might be a few more posts of small plated meals before we actually get to the 27th :)

In case it doesn’t ring any bells, Dine & Dish is an online food blogger event in which bloggers take a month (or more or less depending on how cranky I am) to dine out. Then on a given day, everyone posts their experiences on their blogs, and shortly thereafter, a deliciously juicy dishing session of everyone’s adventures gets posted here.

There are no hard and fast rules for Dine and Dish here – just fun and food, but just in case there is someone who likes to have guidelines:

1. Interpret the theme as you wish – AMAZING GRAZE
2. Go eat any time betwixt now and Monday, February 27, 2006
3. Write about it on your blog anytime on or before the 27th.
4. Email me the link (Please don’t forget to email…this is the only way I can keep track. Email! Email!)
5. I will put a nice, neat little summary of all the experiences, linking out to everyone else’s posts on Wednesday, March 1st (or a teeny bit later if I get lazy).

Now, let’s start slinging those small plates around the table!

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