Soba PopUp at Breadbar, West Third – Clean and Soba

soba pop up restaurant at breadbar west 3rd - duck soba

Hiyayakko: Chilled Housemade Tofu with Scallions and Ginger $8

On a night focused on soba noodles, my favorite dish was…tofu.
Soba PopUp, Breadbar - Hiyayakko

Soba Chips $4

Some too hard. Some too chewy. None were just right, Goldilocks.
Soba PopUp at Breadbar - Fried Soba Starter

Vegetable Soba $22

“Modern Cold Soba, Pour-Over Style.” Medley of vegetables cucumbers, mitsuba, shiso, scallions, tomatoes, sprouts and toasted saikyo miso, fried soba gome.
Soba PopUp, Breadbar - Vegetable Soba

Duck Soba $22

Caramelized ginger duck, Shigure style, scallions, eggplant, shiso, soba granules
Soba PopUp at Breadbar - Duck Soba

Duck Soba

Soba PopUp, Breadbar - Duck Soba

Soba Noodles

Soba PopUp, Breadbar - Duck Soba

Soba PopUp with Sonoko Sakai + Akila Inouye
August 23 – 28, 2010
8718 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
310 205 0124

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1 Diana September 2, 2010 at 1:42 pm

Mmmm tofu pudding…

Though I was kind of partial to that mysertious sweet unidentifiable mass that was in my bowl of soba. And the wine too, of course. ;)


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