Sofia Blanc de Blancs – No Man, Not Even a Gay One, Could Drink This

sofia blanc de blancs
I’m not kidding.

I think estrogen is one of the ingredients.

** a year ago today, i could never have kids. okay, maybe i could, with tony bourdain **

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  • Erin

    Too funny! I’ve yet to try this wine, but I did buy the minis for a girl’s night in and they were extremely pink and definitely only geared toward one demographic — i.e. those of us who sat through Marie Antoinette even though it sadly didn’t have any sort of plot what-so-ever and who also own Lost in Translation and The Virgin Suicides or have watched the Godfather Part III just for Sofia’s scenes.

  • sherman

    This stuff lost to the spit bucket at my last bubbly tasting.

  • kenneth

    Sherman’s not kidding

  • sarah

    erin: the minis in the can are absolutely miserable. i kinda thought they were cute, but then i realized that sparkling wine in a can tastes like…sparkling wine in a can!

    and drinking it with a straw brought back traumatic memories of capri sun for me :)

    sherman: good thing you weren’t drinking the minis!

    kenneth: thanks for the confirmation ;)

  • KT

    I have to admit I fell prey to this wine … I saw the pink cellophane and suddenly it was in my basket.

    I thought it was fine, if not memorable. I do think the Marie Antoinette-ness of it all gave it ten extra points in my wine rating, but I haven’t purchased it again.

    The cans were definitely weird. It felt very wrong drinking bubbly out of a can.

  • Doowite

    My name is Doo-wite, and I’m a Sara-holic.
    [ Polite Applause ]

  • aria

    ow funny i LOVE this wine, make my husband buy it for me but he makes a point to also get tampons ti amwke sure ebveryome knows he’s not gay.

    how gay is that!

  • aria

    how ya like my fancy typing?

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