Spicy Thai Tofu with Green Beans

I always have to eat Thai food with chopsticks so I can pick out every nassty shred of basil.

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  • coleen

    It looks devine…..can you share a recipe for it?

  • http://www.thedeliciouslife.com Sarah J. Gim

    colleen: it WAS divine! it was absolutely the perfect thing for lunch today because it’s the exact opposite of any- and everything I will be eating for the next three to five days AND it was made by someone else.

    which means I have no recipe :(

    but if I ever get my hands on it, I will share!

  • http://dianatakesabite.blogspot.com Diana

    That’s exactly what I’m going to need tomorrow — tofu. And veggies. Perhaps some sort of master cleanse too. There is much beef and wine in my parent’s house tonight.

    Merry Christmas!

  • http://culinarypyro.blogspot.com Rebecca

    which restaurant? looks like something from Gindi Thai in Burbank…

  • Kevin H

    You don’t like basil?! First cilantro and now basil??
    This saddens me on Christmas.

  • http://www.thedeliciouslife.com Sarah J. Gim

    Diana: I have been trying for months to do the master cleanse to see just how (in)effective it is, but every time I resolve to start, something happens. Like I accidentally fawking eat something. I have a big bottle of pure maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and have thrown out more dried, raisin-ated lemons than I should be allowed to admit. Thinking that I may actually do it during the “dead week.” Might be the only time. Wow, I can’t believe I am also admitting to attempting the most horrifying “cleanse” ever on my blog.

    Rebecca: It was the fast food of Thai, Thai Dishes. A quick stop in the midst of the last-minute shopping frenzy on the westside.

    Kevin: I like basil in some preparations, but not in Thai food. Actually, I had a pretty severe aversion to all basil until recently. It was only after I made pesto myself that I could appreciate what formerly tasted like skunked potpourri to me.

    You might be sad to know, however, that I cannot stand mint in anything. Except toothpaste and mouthwash.

  • http://yutjangsah.blogspot.com yutjangsah

    I adore basil and my next dog will be named Basil (Towers). Sorry for that nerdy joke. As for the Master Cleanse (yes, I read your comments too because I’m a compulsive overreader), it works. I know this not from personal experience but my secretary (while staring at my midsection) would constantly tell me how much she loves the master cleanse and how she loses anywhere from 5 to 10 lbs each week she does it. She carts around a water bottle filled with brown murky water which hardly sells the cleanse but I’ve considered it. And I’ve rejected it. But it’s probably a good thing. Basil and I prefer to eat however. The End.

  • http://dianatakesabite.blogspot.com Diana

    Sarah and Sook (I assume you are obsessively re-checking the comments section on this post too) – A former boss used to do the master cleanse a couple times a year. She would bring bottles of her cayenne maple syrup stuff to the office and seemed to be really happy about it. Me thinks she actually just liked the whole show and production of appearing so much stronger and “healthier” than all us subservient cube dwellers with our brown bag turkey sams. She probably went home to a tub of nonfat Weight Watchers ice cream and bag of baked sour cream and onion Lays.

  • http://www.djjewelz.com djjewelz

    The cleanse that I keep hearing about but never happens.

  • http://www.thedeliciouslife.com Sarah J. Gim

    yuttie: Let’s do the cleanse together. If you do it for a week, I promise I will do the bar method. For one day. Because I think that is a fair tradeoff. It will pain me more to put on my gold lame leggings (that’s “lah-may,” and not “lame” for those of you who don’t get the UTF-8 characters, though me in leggings may very well be lame, but that’s a parenthetical for another comment) and alliteratively appropriate leopard print leotard or whatever it is you bar method people wear than for you to drink nothing but sweet & spicy (like Panda Express!) lemonade for a week.

    Diana: I will not judge you for your 9000 calorie, colon-clogging turkey sandwich while I am sipping so virtuously from my Sigg, an opaque bottle which I seemingly chose expressly for that reason you stated: so I am not flaunting my fitness, but really in some twisted psychology, did so hoping that you would indeed, suspect that I am drinking the secret elixir AND that I am trying to do it humblybutnotreally!

    omg I could barely follow my own logic on that one.

    djjewelz: I don’t know why I thought I could even ATTEMPT to do anything CLOSE to a cleanse in the fourth quarter of this year.

    But then again, I also tell myself I’m a “food blogger.”

    • http://dianatakesabite.blogspot.com/ Diana

      Sarah – And I will go on eating my turkey sandwiches that I convince myself are healthy despite my addition of provolone cheese and absurd amounts of honey mustard, all the while telling myself that your humble opaque Sigg bottles are still a front concealing debaucherous eating within the confines of your home (or chain restaurants in OC). With each bite of cheese-laden meat, I will comfort myself with the knowledge that your fist will be diving into a bag of Cheetos later that day. Or if not Cheetos, a cheddar biscuit from the Red Lobster. I will eat more because of that belief — however tenuous and ill-founded it may be.

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