Seifried Estate ‘Split Rock’ Sauvignon Blanc 2011 + ‘Silver Split’ French Mani

silver split french mani with Split Rock New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc 2011

I never win anything…

No, seriously. No matter how much I study, prep, train, tap into raw talent, hope, wish, pray or enter 8,957 contests, sweepstakes and bake-offs, I never win anything.

But somehow I won two bottles of wine in a promotion from Virgin Wines.

Yes, that Virgin.

Yes, wine.
“Bright, citrus-charged” Seifried Estate ‘Split Rock’ Sauvignon Blanc 2011 from New Zealand supposedly pairs well with sushi or fresh seafood. I’ll take their word for it.
Kiyokawa, Sushi Omakase - Pike Mackerel

Kiyokawa, Sushi Omakase - Pike Mackerel
For me, the bottle’s label design is an impossibly perfect pairing with a modern silver “split” French manicure so…here we are.




pictured: Seifried Estate ‘Split Rock’ Sauvignon Blanc 2011 (New Zealand)
not pictured: Ascension Salta Malbec 2010 (Argentina)
both available from Virgin Wines


metallic silver nail polish: essie ‘no place like chrome’ or zoya ‘trixie’
French white tip: Sally Hansen French Manicure White Tip Pen available at any drugstore or
black stripe: nail striping tape available on

A special note on top coat: I often forgo a top coat because 1) I’m lazy, 2) the extra layer makes my nails too “thick,” and 3) I change my polish so much that I don’t need the extra long-wearing, chip-resistification. However, I do like the ultra glossy look (see previous post re: wet-look nails to avoid shaking hands during flu-season), especially in the case of nail striping tape, which needs that additional adhesive and seal to keep the ends from lifting up and peeling. I used Sally Hansen, but any top coat works, obvs.

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  • Angie Walker Kanter

    love it!

  • catty

    that is AWESOME. not as awesome as your Louboutin nails but still, i have nail envy!

  • Lynn Chen

    cannot get over those nails!!!

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