sponge cake, square plates

I made a cake yesterday for a birthday party, complete with store-bought spongebob squarepants cake decorations – bright pink starfish-shaped candies and what appeared to be sea cucumbers. i later learned that the starfish is spongebob’s best friend, patrick (but i wasn’t able to figure out what the sea cucumbers were). we even had matching spongebob plates, napkins, and cups for our beer and cocktails. wait, a spongebob birthday with cocktails?

burnt bob – scarred for life

Yes, the spongebob squarepants birthday cake was for my friend’s 31st birthday, and no, i really can’t say much else about why we were putting cartoon characters on his birthday cake, because my birthday cake had hello kitty. in a very pyrotechnical turn of events, the spongebob wafer on the cake (yes, that is what it was called on the package it came in – a wafer) caught on fire as we walked the candle lit cake over to the table! it probably would have scarred a first-grader for life, but luckily, our friend is actually as mature as a fourth-grader. *phew*

He’s from the east coast, so along with adding his favorite nickelodeon cartoon character, i made the cake a boston cream pie in his honor. and as if boston and spongebob weren’t enough to honor our friend, boston cream pie is, in fact, not a pie at all, but a sponge cake. alright, so that part’s a stretch. but truly, i am not sure why a sponge cake filled with custard and covered with chocolate glaze or frosting is called a pie. whatever it is, cake or pie, it tasted good the first time around with chocolate martinis, and i’m told it tasted great for a post-birthday-clubbing breakfast the second time around!

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