Stalking the Markets – Brentwood, Baby Bok Choy

Before I had even begun my market mission two weeks ago, I had just visited the Brentwood market to pick up bright orange tomatoes for IMBB no. 14 – and what a lovely tang color they were for a capricious caprese salad!

ranunculus – not contagious

Farmers markets are excellent places to pick up fresh flowers in addition to fruits and vegetables, so I popped over to Gretna Green Way between San Vicente and Montana Ave. for a Mother’s Day bouquet. All of Brentwood, also in preparation for brunch with Mum, has descended like killer honey bees on the three flower booths – they’re buzzing. Ranunculus! Jimmy asks Jess later, “Is that contagious?”

i will be your fava figure

she’s got the beets

There’s no extraordinary produce here (eek! fava beans again!), but Brentwood, so far, has been the only market I’ve visited that has a petite petting zoo and pony rides – very fitting for clientele that’s mostly young yuppie couples with 1.25 children – a toddler petting da wabbits, a baby in the stroller.

can this kid make cheese?

bacon! er, i mean piglet!

Occasionally, a runner takes a detour from the San Vicente running strip to pass through for some refreshment, maybe an orange, perhaps some fresh pomegranate juice. There are also lhasa apso and dalmation rescue booths, many artisan/craftsman booths with jewelry, clothing, imitation designer bags, baskets, artwork, and soaps, and several food booths. This market is the mini-me version of the Westwood Village market – much more a Sunday morning social activity rather than serious shopping for ingredients.

‘smatter wich zu?

boys don’t cry

twenty four carrot gold

smooth as a baby bok choy’s butt

With a veritable road-trip down to OC (yes, the drive is that long) ahead of me, I shifted my Korean-newspaper-wrapped ranunculus (Bless you!) to my left arm and snatched up a bunch of baby bok choy. I’m not so enamored of the big, sometimes bitter, bok choy, but the babies are adorable. Oh yeah, and the baby bok choy are adorable, too. ;)

chopsticks not included

Mom makes an amazing saute of baby bok choy and oyster mushrooms, but I didn’t see any mushrooms on my lightning sprint up and down Gretna Green. Instead, I went a little haute Asian, very unlike me. Braised baby bok choy quarters in a spicy (Korean ggoh-choo-jahng) soy sauce with chopped garlic, then served it with scallion fried rice and sesame crusted tofu. Maybe that Yu Restaurant and Lounge up on Montana should hire me!

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