Strawberry Peach Smoothie – Because Some Days, You Just Know

frozen strawberry smoothie
Some days, you just know.

Some days, you wake up and you just know exactly.


Nothing in particular, but you just know exactly.

And it’s a great feeling to just know. Exactly.

You don’t get that feeling often, but when you do, oh boy, do you do.

Those are the days you wake up, don’t even bother to put your contacts in because you. Just. Have. To. Do. It. You walk with determination over to your CD towers because yes, you still own CDs because you’d rather spend your unearned dollars on peapods than an iPod. Those are the days you rapidly scan downward with deliberation because you know exactly what you’re looking for, and you’re about to find it in 12 seconds because your Mama didn’t teach you that organization is the key to speed and accuracy for nothing, so your CDs are stored first alpha by genre, then alpha by artist. Almost all of Tower 1 is “Dance,” so you end up in the middle of Tower 2 in “Rock – Modern,” but at the top of the category “A.” A is for “accurate.” A is for “awesome.” A is for…


straberry peach smoothie
get your collective swerve on

The next thing you know, you’re belting out “Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet emooooooooooootion” as the motor on your Cuisinart purrs and grinds.

Oh, baby, the Cuisinart, strawberries, and I – we got our collective swerve on. Just like Steven Tyler.

It is not often that I go back to the musical history of my high school days. Even back in those days, if my ears weren’t filled with the mellow sounds of Sweet Baby James, Jimmy Buffet (but I was not a Parrothead), and whatever mix tapes of classic rock I dubbed from my best friend Stephanie, then I was rockin’ out to what was then called “Dance,” because come on, we can’t taint true “Rap” with Vanilla Ice and Bel Biv Devoe. It was for cheerleading. I swear. I would never listen to that stuff on my own.

Lies. Lies! I totally listened to Vanilla Ice! Crap. And did I just admit that I was a cheerleader in high school?

But just like our teenage selves, minds scattered everywhere, still trying to find out who we really are, what we like, absorbing everything because we haven’t yet decided on our identity, I also had a place in my heart for that amorphous, all-inclusive genre that I must personally label Guitar Rock because Aerosmith falls into “Rock – Modern” but technically, GnR is “Rock-Metal,” and where the fuck do you put Prince? What am I saying?!?! Prince purple-reigns in a category all his own.

It is not often that I feel such an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, but when I woke up, I was feeling it for Aerosmith. I just knew.

strawberry peach smoothie - frozen strawberries
ripeness, cryogenically preserved

It is also not often that I plan in advance for anything related to food. On most occasions, I am what you might call an impromptu eater. I make reservations the day of, sometimes even a few hours before heading out. I never take anything out of the freezer in the morning to thaw for dinner later that night because I don’t think that far ahead, and if I can’t think 12 hours ahead, I certainly don’t have the foresight to put anything in the freezer for next week to begin with (except two bottles of Absolut, because they don’t have to thaw). I am constantly “running to the store” because I decide to make lunch or dinner based on nothing I have at home. Only when I throw a dinner party do I metamorphose into a Martha Stewart-esque checklist-ing, data mining, project planning, spreadsheet-wielding freak-bot.

Clearly, though, I was like the little ant who planned ahead, worked all summer while the silly cricket wasted the days away singing and playing. The height of strawberry season was weeks ago, but I bought a share, washed them, toweled them off, and cryogenically preserved their perfect red ripeness, only to be released at some shagadelic future moment…for muffins. Or today, to grind out a smoothie in perfect, rhythmic syncopation with Aerosmith. I knew that day would come.

I just knew.

Of course, I did have to run to the market for peach nectar. I mean really, who keeps peach nectar handy in the fridge? Who?!?

Strawberry Peach Smoothie
Place 1 c. frozen, coarsely chopped strawberries in blender. You can, of course, use fresh strawberries, but to make the smoothie icy, you will have to add ice, which dilutes the flavor. Plan ahead. Freeze your berries.

Add ½ c. each of chilled peach nectar and soy milk. Blend together until smooth (omg! is that how they got the name?!?!), adding more peach nectar if it’s too thick to suck through a straw. Or maybe you should just practice sucking.

I didn’t add any additional sweeteners because both the strawberries and peach nectar were very naturally sweet, though you could add a few te
aspoons of sugar or honey
. Just don’t blame me when your DDS makes you feel like a candy whore when he’s showing you your full set of x-rays blackened with decay.

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1 Anonymous September 12, 2006 at 1:42 am

Looks fabulous! But you should have gone all out and used frozen peaches, too ;)


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