Sugar High Friday no. 21 – Ice Ice Baby, to the Extreme

sugar high friday number 21, ice ice baby
When first I threw myself at the feet of the Domestic Goddess, begging her to allow a total plebe like myself to host Sugar High Friday, I had no idea. I had no idea what the theme would be. I had no idea that “my month” would melt down upon me so soon. I had no idea that I would have the balls to rap Vanilla Ice with absolutely no shame.

I also had no idea that so many bloggers from around the globe would turn up for what has basically become a giant Ice Cream Social (though the theme was actually meant to be anything cold or chilled, not necessarily frozen). There are more than 60 guests here today, and every single one has brought something sweet, cold, and completely rappable.

Thank you, Jennifer, for being a goddess, and thank you to everyone for not laughing me out of the blogsophere with my tribute to that urban lyricist Robert Van Winkle.

sugar high friday 21, ice ice baby, ice cream

Yo, SHF, let’s kick it.

Ice, ice, baby
Ice, ice, baby

All right stop, collaborate and listen
Sugar High roundup, 21st edition

First up ICE CREAM (later gelato)
Appetitive Behavior’s got Caramel Macchiato

Will Alicat ever stop? Mexican Chocolate says “No!”
Turn off the lights, Pertelote’s Frangelico

To the BakingSheet, Rice Pudding’s like a vandal
Ulrike’s got Mint, Chocolate melted over like a candle

Delicious, Cookies and Cream go boom
Ice cream sandwich on the side with Coconut Macaroon

Zorra, your Butter Pecan Caramel is a melody
Anything less than Anne’s Peach is a felony

Escargot Gourmand’s Caramel à la Fleur de Sel
Ricotta Ice Cream Sundae with a bit of Watermel..

…on to Dispensing Chocolate Hazelnut
Chili Lime Avocado makes your tongue say “What?”

If there’s Frozen Custard, Sour Cherry will solve it
Check out Chocolate Velvet, Gourmetish Kady revolves it.

Ice, ice, baby
Ice, ice, baby

sugar high friday (SHF) 21, ice ice baby, gelato and granita

Now that GELATO is jumping
More yolks kicked in, less air is pumpin’

Quick pistachio, Pistachio Food Freakin’
Cookin’ Meyer Lemon over the weekend

Malted Milk Ball if you’re quick and nimble
Bread and Chocolate bangin’ out like a cymbal

Sugar High hat with a Peached up Tempo
I’m on a roll and it’s time to go solo

GRANITA in my Blog point Oh
Lemon Granita, Strawberries with Marscarpone

Honeydew on the standby, Tami’s on a sugar high
Is KT cool? Blueberry Ginger, yes, why?

Watermelon, with Cream Cheese is the next stop
Coffee Cardamom and Chocolate on the next block

Strawberry Lemonade, yo
So I continue to…

sugar high friday (SHF) 21, ice ice baby, sorbet

No dairy on the avenue!

Basil’s hot, Olive Oil on the drizzle
Bea’s Basil and Red Fruit hot on the sizzle

Jealous ‘cuz she got Love for the Lychee
Sorbet ice cream swirl gets Fresh with the Peachy

Ginger for Raspil’s Roasted Blueberry
The kids getting filled because Mommy Cooks Raspberry

Red hibiscus, call it Jamaica
Aussie Winter Lemon, David will take ya’

To a Trio, Apple, Berries Blue and Goose
Blueberry Boueteille Call, fe
elin’ kinda loose

Blueberry and Basil, the sorbet is packed
Cassisorbet from Petra, but my German is whacked

Maple Ginger’s on the scene, you know what I mean?
Watermelon Sorbet with Vanilla Ice Cream

If Sweet Gazpacho were a Sorbet, Surfin’ Dave would solve it
Check out The Goddess, Watermelon revolves it

Ice, ice, baby
Ice, ice, baby

sugar high friday (shf) ice ice baby, frozen desserts and drinks

Take DESSERTS ‘cuz I’m a lyrical poet
Straciatella Semifreddo (no photo to show it)

O-town, Blackberry Rock-in da’ bass sound
SugarFire and Vanilla burn holes in the ground

‘Cause Frosty Latte’s like a chemical spill
Icy Palate Cleanser as Dessert for real

Raspberry Coulis on a Key Lime Souffle
Trifle Mangue-Spéculos – parlez vous Francais?

Cappuccino Custard in Mini Chocolate Cup
Ice Cream Trio in Frozen Fruit Salad Cup

Frozen Apricot Yoghurt Gingersnap Squares
Mile High Turtle Ice Cream Pie if you dare

Blackberry Semifreddo, make you say damn
If Fondue was a drug, Ice Cream Balls by the gram

Cappuccino Ice Cream Cake when it’s time to get loose
Green Ice to the Mother, like Avocado juice

If there was a Liqueur, Whiskey and Chocolate will solve it
Check out the Float, Root Beer revolves it.

sugar high friday (SHF) ice ice baby, filipino, japanese, korean and vanilla ices

Filipino…Ice ice baby (Halo Halo)
Japanese…Ice ice baby (Kakigori with Spiced Espresseo Syrup)
Korean…Ice ice baby (Paht Bing Soo)

Yo man, get Sarah out of here
Word to the New Mother

** a year ago today, california boll was pseu-shi **

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