Sugar High Friday no. 9 – Tantalizing Titillating Tarts!

sugar high friday no. 9
The Don of Food Porn Watch is host for Sugar High Friday no. 9 and he has made it a Party of Tantalizing Titillating Tempting Tarts.

fresh fig tart
you sassy little tart

Since it’s summer in L.A., there are bushels upon bushels of beautiful berries and sweet stone fruits like cherries and nectarines and peaches…but I was inspired by some honey and figs at a recent wine soiree, so tonight’s tart is Fresh Fig and Honey Mascarpone Tart with Basil and Pine Nut Crust.

It seemed a little strange at first to have basil in the crust, since it’s an herb that I’ve always associated with savory dishes, but it’s actually fairly subtle, as are the pine nuts that are ground into the crust as well. Again, again, again, I have to wonder if toasting the pine nuts would have made their flavor stand up a little more. And I wish I had saved a few whole pine nuts to toast and sprinkle on top.

fresh fig tart
glittery glossed up with honey

The filling is very simple – macarpone cheese and honey, which I thought would just be too runny to be a filling for a tart, but it worked out okay when refrigerated for a bit before serving. As it warms to room temp though, the filling does soften quite a bit. But somehow, sweetened cheese oozing over crispy crumbly crust is okay with me. :)

Unfortunately it’s not exactly fig season, so the figs that were available were not very sweet. But a drizzle of the same honey in the filling all over the top helped the figs, as well added a glittery gloss to the pink and deep purple. Pretty!

Can’t wait for the next Sugar High Friday. And now to think what to do with eggs for the next Is My Blog Burning?

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  • Zarah Maria

    That sounds like a fantastic tart Sarah!

  • Nupur

    Wow, that looks like such an elegant dessert! Figs and cheese together…mmm…

  • the Kitchen Queens

    I just adore figs! And the classic honey-fig combo works beautiful in this tart, I can imagine. Yum. Ciao, KQ Tai

  • Indira

    Your tart looks like like peacock spreading wings or [is it turkey]:)Beautiful appearance Sarah.

  • Reid

    Hi Sarah,

    Excellent job with the tart. The different flavors in this sound wonderful. I can just imagine how good this would taste. Your photos are simply beautiful.

  • Jennifer

    No fair! You actually found fresh figs! I searched and searched this week with no luck.

    It looks delicious!

  • Sam

    I saw figs in Wholefoods for the first time again this week too. I was suprised, as I didn’t think they would be in season yet, as you point out. I wonder where they are coming from? I didn’t check.
    Maybe you could poach the figs in some honey sugar syrup to sweeten them up???
    I hope you didn’t eat the whole tart to yourself, Sarah!

  • Jocelyn:McAuliflower

    What a wonderful set of flavors!

    I like how meaty figs look- like if you weren’t paying attention you might think they were salami!

  • Sylvie

    One of my neighbors has a fig tree loaded with unripened fruit. We didn’t think they would be ready for a another month or so. I’ll keep this idea on my to do list for then.

  • hermz

    uh… how shall I say it… YUM.

  • Helen (AugustusGloop)

    Yum. Figs and mascarpone are a marriage made in heaven…

    The basil and pine nut crust sounds great too.

  • Anonymous

    What a delicious sounding combination of flavors that’s so creative! Figs and honey and mascarpone sounds so good, and that crust is what stands out so much. Basil and pine nuts!

  • Liz

    What a interesting combo of ingredients. I can’t wait to try it!

  • sarah

    thank you all so much for your sweet words about the tart! i have to admit, it didn’t turn out as gorgeous as i had imagined in my head (which seems to be the case for almost everything i make!) – the figs do look rather alien.

    i didn’t think i was going to find fresh figs either, but sam, yes, that’s where i got them – whole foods market. it is pretty early yet, so i don’t know what state/country they are from. the sugar syrup sounds like a good idea, and i even wonder if roasting them would have sweetened them up, too….next time.

  • Anonymous

    You can’t go wrong with figs! The tart was amazing…thanks! JP

  • Stephen

    Hi Sarah…I was just salivating over your fig tart with some of my all-time favorite ingredients (honey, mascarpone, pine nuts) when I got a notice of your comment on my SHF entry. Thanks…my first time in SHF and was it fun! Not sure where I can get fresh figs where I am now but when I find them I’m going to try your tart…!

  • drstel

    wowee, sounds like a luscious combination and i. must. try. thanks sarah!

  • pinkcocoa

    Ohhhh this looks so sexy!!

  • Nicky

    Hi Sarah,
    I’d say yes, toasting the pine nuts certainly could have made their flavour a little more distinctive. I think I haven’t used untoasted pine nuts ever again since I toasted them for the first time. The only problem: I forget about the pan every now and then… and burnt pine nuts don’t taste at all ;)

  • sarah

    yes, sometimes that is the problem with me, as well. i know that toasting nuts makes them so much more fragrant, but there’s only that split second where they go fomr nuttydelicious to burnt – and i always seem to miss that window – lol!

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