Sushi Time, West Hollywood – Like Miller Time, but for Sushi

Sushi Time - Albacore Sushi

If you have sushi taste, but a teriyaki budget, you should probably go to Sushi Time.

And get the teriyaki.

Salmon Sushi

Sushi Time - Salmon Sushi

Amaebi (Sweet Shrimp) Sushi

Though the entire meal was pleasant enough for what it cost, I might be turned off for eternity because they insisted that we ordered amaebi, even though I told them “I am allergic to shrimp.” In the end, we didn’t want to argue during what was otherwise a good meal, so we let them force the histamine-releasors on us. (I didn’t eat the shrimp.)
Sushi Time - Amaebi Sweet Shrimp Sushi


Uni was bloggably sweet and fresh, but carelessly thrown into a sloppy, chopped up mess, I had to wonder if people should be sent to rehab for abusing delicacies in that way.
Sushi Time - Uni Sushi

Crab Hand Roll

Sushi Time - Crab Hand Roll

Spicy Hamachi Roll

Sushi Time - Spicy Hamachi Roll

Sesame Chicken

The best dish in a sushi restaurant was…fried chicken.
Sushi Time - Sesame Chicken

Sauteed Shishito

Sushi Time - Shishito

Sushi Time

Sushi Time - Sign Lantern

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