Susina Bakery, Los Angeles – Oh, Susina, Don’t You Cry for Me

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Bakeries are like grocery stores, post offices, and banks. Every city has at least a few, and usually, you go to the one that is closest to you. In the end, the product quality and price are relatively equal, so the most economical choice is the one that requires the least expenditure of energy. For some reason, the words “Hotelling” and “phenomenon” come to mind.

Damn, that Professor Olney in Econ 100A was good.

But models like the Hotelling Phenomenon only really apply in theoretically perfect economies. A perfect macro economy is one in which a country’s only two products are guns and butter. A perfect micro economy is one in which companies really do set consumer prices at that perfect intersection where the supply curve hits the demand curve.

A theoretically perfect economy is one in which Susina Bakery cannot exist.

susina bakery - apple pastry, croissant, muffin
economies of scope – apple, croissant, muffin

Susina Bakery and Cafe completely throws off the Hotelling model because even though I live on the Westside with plenty of bakeries that turn out deliciously flaky pastries, gorgeous cakes and desserts, and simple, fresh cafe lunches right around the corner from me, I just may stop production of guns and butter all together to drive all the way out to West Hollywood for Susina’s apple pastry.

And we know what it takes to get me all that long, long far far way away out east of the 405. A lot. It takes a lot. Like Susina’s apple pastry.

It’s a perfect square of puff pastry so thin and flaky that it might be phyllo, raised up on all four sides like a tiny fairy’s serving tray full of sweetly spiced golden apples. But little Susina couldn’t decide whether to make an apple pie or a tarte tatin or a French apple tart, so she made them all – syrupy diced apples, big soft pillowy sticky chunks, and thin sophisticated slices, all dusted with powdered sugar that looks like fairy dust. The pastry’s not even a tray really, but a picture frame, because the apples inside are so artfully arranged.

It’s almost too pretty to eat.


Thank goodness for LA’s theoretically imperfect economy.

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  • Professor Salt

    “raised up on all four sides like a tiny fairy’s serving tray full of sweetly spiced golden apples”

    That’s the prettiest thing I’ve read all day, Sarah.

  • sarah

    aw, thanks, professor! but i still like the comparison between liquid smoke and um, bong water.


  • Mel CH

    I just looked at the menu on their website. Is that what they call the apple fante?

  • Catherine

    OK. I’m sold. And I’ll tell Susina to send you a check.

    I’ve been wanting to try this place for the longest time, and I think tonight’s the night. Glad you wrote a piece on Susina’s Bakery! I knew you had a life’s mission. ;p hahaha

    Thanks again!

  • sarah

    oh! glad you’re going to try it! you have to let us all know what you think!

  • Catherine

    The BEST pear tart I’ve had this year! And also the smallest slice, but that’s road.

    Oh WHO am I kidding!? I would’ve gotten another slice but the conversation kept bringing my attention back from tart-tatin-land and having to walk through the sea of people that arrived just after 9 pm would have been like getting on the 405. But I’ll definitely return! :)

  • sarah

    aw, i am so glad you liked it!

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