Sycamore Kitchen {restaurant}

Sycamore Kitchen, La Brea - Tuna Sandwich

above: one of the best tuna sandwiches I’ve ever had that wasn’t in my own kitchen…

Potato Chips

Sycamore Kitchen - potato chips

Muffin (Zucchini Streusel, I think?) and a Buttercup

It took everything I had to resist snatching that WTF Buttercup for myself out of the box and shoving the whole, flaky, buttery, sugar-crunchy thing into my face.

And I don’t even eat sweets and desserts.
Sycamore Kitchen - muffin and buttercup

Berries and Cream Cookie

Sycamore Kitchen, La Brea - Berries and Cream Cookie

Breakfast and Brunch, coming soon

Croque Madame…!
Sycamore Kitchen, La Brea - breakfast menu, coming soon

Farmhouse Chopped Salad $10

Cucumber, avocado, fingerling potatoes, celery, radish, herbed yogurt vinaigrette
Sycamore Kitchen, La Brea - Farmhouse Chopped

Cured Salmon Toast $10

cured salmon, avocado, capers, hard-cooked egg, radish on crispy house-made bread
Sycamore Kitchen, La Brea - Smoked SAlmon Toast

Roasted Peanut Coconut Butterscotch Bar $2.50

Sycamore Kitchen, La Brea - Peanut Butter Coconut Butterscotch Oat Bar

Oatmeal Brown Butter Scone $3

Sycamore Kitchen, La Brea - Brown Butter Oat Scone

Sycamore Caesar Salad $9

Romaine hearts, marinated fennel, Parmesan vinaigrette
Sycamore Kitchen, Caesar Salad with Chicken

Chinoix Salad $12

shredded chicken, cabbage, apple, almonds, puffed rice, muddled ginger vinaigrette
Sycamore Kitchen, Chinese Chicken Salad

Mediterranean Chicken Salad $12

Kale, radicchio, blue cheese, dates and balsamic vinaigrette with chicken. Loved all of it. Will be back to eat this every time I’m too lazy to re-create it at home.
Sycamore Kitchen, Medietrranean Chicken Salad

Double BLTA Sandwich $11

Bacon and braised pork belly…
Sycamore Kitchen, Double BLTA Sandwich

Blueberry Oat Bar $3.25

Sycamore Kitchen, Blueberry Bar

Galette $4

Sycamore Kitchen, Galette

Chocolate Chip Rye Cookie, Brownie $1.75, $3

Sycamore Kitchen, Chocolate Chip Rye Cookie, Brownie

Coconut Florentine $1.50

Sycamore Kitchen, Coconut Florentine

Ginger Limeade $4

Sycamore Kitchen, Ginger Limeade

Stumptown Coffee Cold Brew, in a bottle $4.50

I am now obsessed with cold brew after drinking it for the first time ever. Yes, I’ve been drinking Sanka in a cave for the last 15 years.
Stumptown Coffee, Cold Brew

Stumptown Coffee Grounds

…to try cold brewing at home?
Stumptown Coffee, beans for purchase
Sycamore Kitchen
143 South La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
[lunch with Eugenie 06.30.12, lunch with le Ben 07.10.12, lunch with Georgia 07.16.12]

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