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tacomiendo, west los angeles, ca - nachos

Tacomiendo (no.2)
11462 Gateway Blvd.
West Los Angeles, CA 90034

I ate nachos out of a styrofoam box from Tacomiendo at 10 pm, huddled over my laptop.

That’s not all that extraordinary. I have been known to eat nachos out of a styrofoam box on occasion. I’ve even been known to huddle over my laptop. I have handy the can of compressed air to get the crumbs out of my keyboard as proof.

But I was working.

At 10 pm.

*sigh* Do normal people work at 10 pm? Maybe they power-down their laptops at 10 pm and watch the late nigth news. Normal people aren’t in the middle of working at 10 pm.

I have heard and read raves about Tacomiendo, but unfortunately, I wasn’t at all impressed with their nachos. The chips were straddling that odd limbo between flimsy and stale, and were not salty at all. There was very little cheese on the nachos, and both the guacamole and pico de gallo seemed like they were long past their prime. Of course, it was 10 pm, but I’m talking about their prime three days ago.

I have this feeling that late nights in the office are going to become the norm for me. However, I will have to stick with Benito’s nachos, especially with the way work is barreling toward me at full speed. Benito’s is open past midnight.

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