Tastepotting Top 12, week ending 7.26 and the Easy, Online Data-ing Way Out

TasteSpotting Top 12 Submissions, week ending 07/26/2008
I owe my blog a post or two. Hell, I think I owe The Delicious Life something like two dozen posts in addition to a whole week of cookbooks yet to giveaway, but I’ve been, well, a little occupied, to say the least.

A lot has happened — there is much narration, exposition, and explanation, to be sure. I’ve been meaning to post it all out and have dedicated more than a reasonable amount of time in front of my laptop staring at the blank Compose window in Blogger. I’ve written, read, deleted, paraphrased, re-written, re-deleted, and re-written again (oh, the redundantation!) a post about what in this last two months of my Delicious Life has kept me away from the thing I love to do most, writing on my blog. Still, I have but barely a paragraph to show for my intent, and I’m not yet satisfied with the feeble attempt at a blog post that is sitting as a draft in the background. Though it is often the case with me that emotional and psychological disastrophe makes for great blogging, I am also physically exhausted. It will come – stories, posts, pictures, and of course, cookbooks – but not right now.

Instead, for now, I am taking the easy way out — the “safe,” factual, data-driven way out as I have so often done before in my past life as a pre-med student, a consultant, an MBA, and marketer. Pull some numbers out of the database. Comma separate them into Excel. Mix, match, massage and macro the hell out of them. Throw the results up in front of everybody and pray, just pray, that time will run out before they have time to ask questions.

The matrix above represents TasteSpotting’s Top 12 Submissions, week ending 07.26.2008. Ooooobviously, I know that the 26th was last last week — I’m the one who did the analysis, so wouldn’t I know that it’s a week off?! — but like I said, I’m barely, just barely, able to keep up with this mindcircus. Needless to say, the Top 12 is something I want to do every week because as much as I love food in every form – from blog to boo-fay (ok, not buffet, but I couldn’t resist the alliteration), I may actually love geeking out on data even more. Don’t be surprised if you see some pie charts (did I just? Oh god, I did) in the near future.

Click on any of the pictures to see the detail. If you’re wondering how we chose the Top 12 Submissions, it’s a complex multi-variate, multi-factor, multi-colored algorithm that…OH! I think we’re out of time :)

(I am refining the algorithm as we speak, and will post the Top 12 from this past week, along with my thoughts and hypotheses on what makes something “clicky” based on these data, some time in the near future, which you now know means, “don’t count on seeing it before Monday.”)

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