tax relief – 10 tastes for totally under $10.40

today is tax day, and now the u.s. government is about $!@,#%& dollars richer courtesy of sarah’s bank account *sigh* i knew this moment would come, so i’ve already tried to sustain myself on that deliciously disgusting instant ramen for lunch every day this past week. but i don’t think my body (and mind) can last that much longer on msg and chicken flavoring alone, so it’s time to find real food, but for very very very inexpensive. (“cheap” is such a negative word, isn’t it?)

two of the places are mexican, which i suppose is no surprise. beans and rice are much cheaper than beef and fresh vegetables! ah well, the top10 tastes in and around west l.a. (since i certainly can’t waste a dime on a gallon of gas that’s pushing $3.00!) for under $10.40, tax included, in honor of the whopping checks i just wrote to the franchise tax board and the u.s. treasury:

abbot’s pizza company – a wild mushroom pizza-gasm, $3.25. with tax, still under $5.00

asahi ramen – the real stuff. $4.95 miso ramen, $5.36 with tax, and who needs to buy a drink with all that liquid broth? (2027 sawtelle blvd., los angeles, ca 90025 310.479.2231)

benito’s taco shop – it doesn’t seem right to actually eat a meal here outside the naughty noshing hours, 2 a.m. and beyond, but it will do for my temporary 1040 diet. $1.79 nachos, only $1.94 with tax. extra red salsa so you feel full until friday? free!

chutneys – a quarter dahi chicken for $4.25, and it comes with naan and salad! with tax, $4.60. (2406 south barrington aveneue, los angeles, ca 90064 310.477.6263)

costco – on a saturday morning, just walk around and eat up all the samples. no tax, no tip! just kidding. i would never do that. ok, so i would never do that again. ;)

in n out burger – to stay on the 1040 diet and the south beach diet, the protein burger, wrapped in lettuce.

little hong kong cafe – mapo tofu for $4.95, and $5.36 with tax. add a bowl of rice and it’s still doesn’t put you over. (2129 sawtelle blvd, los angeles, ca 310.478.7329)

new japan – i call their yakisoba “yuckisoba” but for noodles, they’re probably better than instant ramen. at least they have real vegetables. $5.41 cash only, but no worries, there’s an atm inside.

tito’s tacos – just up the street from the office, and it has to be good, right? why else would there be a veritable clusterf**k in front of the stand almost every hour of the day? 2 beef tacos for $2.70 + extra salsa for vitamins $0.75, total $3.45

diddy riese – $1 for ice cream sandwiched between two cookies of my choice. not a meal, but it still doesn’t put me over $10.40 when added to any of the above.

and of course, any other suggestions for big bang for my last buck are greatly appreciated.

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1 Anonymous April 18, 2005 at 11:08 pm

Zankou Chicken! And lucky for you, there is one opening up in West LA soon!


2 Rachael April 19, 2005 at 1:25 am

Rosalinds on Fairfax…you can get the vegetarian sampler platter that feeds four people for $9 total. (And its a LOT of food.) Also Pink’s Hotdogs, Eat-A-Pita and of course Basic Bites on Beverly in B’Hills. There is also that sushi place across from Trader Joes on National that has $1.00 sushi on Saturday mornings…tasty stuff too. Of course my favorite is a dirty martini at Musso and Frank for $7.50, but thats more like a liquid meal, now isn’t it!


3 Rachael April 19, 2005 at 1:30 am

I cant believe I forgot Tokyo Fast Food on SM at Brockton (in a mini mall with a kosher produce market)they have the most amazing Udon soup…


4 sarah j. gim April 19, 2005 at 5:55 pm

dirty martini! hahaha!

thanks for the tips…i’ll probably be hitting up the places that are here on the west side. even fairfax is far for me to drive these days – must.conserve.gas. ;)


5 Eve April 20, 2005 at 6:25 am

Don’t worry about gas, lol, I’ll drive you! I would be honored if I could be the first to take you to Zankou in West LA once it opens…*drool*


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