Tell Me Something I Don’t Know – Your Dining Suggestions for Me

tell me something i don't know
I need help.

And I’m not talking about the medical, clinical, or psychological kind (at least not for this post).

As you may have already seen, I have a massive “To-Dine” List that lives <– over there as a link in my left sidebar. The List started fairly big, since there were a lot of restaurants that I still needed to try when I created the list back in 2005. From time to time, when schedule and budget allow, I go to one, then get to check it off. Being the utter listgeek that I am, I think I get as much joy from crossing something off a list as I do from actually dining out, if not more. However, as is the story with many other lists in my life, it doesn’t seem like the list is getting any shorter. LA seems to have a talent for turning over new restaurants, don’t you think?

But, lovers, it’s not just about new! hot! fresh! now! I love the secret, hidden places that don’t register even as a buzzhype blip on the restaurant radar because they’re small, or independent, or have been around since the dawn of LA time, or…something.

Even with my obsessive, compulsive, highly intensive trawling of the interwebs, magazines, and underground conversations, there are still some great restaurants that I am certain I have missed. In the words of a song with which I was obsessed for about two days in high school, I just can’t seem to get enough, and want them all.

That’s where I am relying on you. Won’t you be a doll and suggest a restaurant, bistro, cafe, bar, lounge that you love that you think I absolutely must try? Maybe it’s already on my To-Dine List, maybe I’ve already been there/done that, but it never hurts to be reminded of a great place, right? Leave a note in the comment, email me, or IM me because I’d love to add your recommendation to my list here as “Your Suggestions for Delicious.”

And yes, one of these days I will surrender myself to hypnosis or therapy or a Xanax cocktail that will get me on a plane, so fabulous restaurants outside LA are welcome, too.

Thanks, lovers. I need you. I {heart} you. Like you wouldn’t believe.

Your Suggestions for Delicious:

  • 26 Beach
  • 750 ml, Pasadena (from mys t)
  • Abode, Santa Monica (from a friend via email) – i went. it was pretty. and that’s all i have to say about abode.
  • Aroma, Silverlake (from a friend via IM)
  • Arroyo Chop House, Pasadena (from JF)
  • The Arsenal, West LA (from Tee) – okay, next time I will try the food :)
  • Artisan Cheese Gallery, Ventura Blvd/Laurel Canyon, Studio City (from KT)
  • Auntie Em’s, Eagle Rock – yes yes, I know. cupcakes.
  • Babita Restaurant, San Gabriel
  • Bamboo Caribbean (from mys t) – westside? I like the sound of that :)
  • Beard Papa’s Sweets Cafe (from ex-Westsider) – there’s one on Sawtelle!
  • Bistro Miyoda & Sushi Ichiriki (from Neil, my favorite Citizen of the Month)
  • Boss Sushi on La Cienega, LA (from a friend via email)
  • Breadbar in the Century City Shopping Center (from Meghna via email)
  • Bulgarini Gelato, Pasadena (from ex-Westsider)
  • Cafe Brasil, West LA – Been there! Like it!
  • Caffe Luxe, Santa Monica (from Meghna via email)
  • Casa Bianca, Eagle Rock (from Lola)
  • Cha Cha Chicken, Santa Monica – wow. so close to me! i have no excuse…
  • Chicken Itza, downtown
  • Cici’s, Tarzana – for the tiramisu pancakes
  • Ciudad, downtown (from JF) – been there!
  • Clementine, Century City (from Meghna via email)
  • Daikokuya, downtown (from JF)
  • Din Tai Fung Dumpling House, SGV (from ex-Westsider) – I’ve been there, but I need to take a survival kit for the wait if I ever go back!
  • Doughboys, with a special shout out to the red velvet cake (from a friend via IM)
  • Edison, downtown (from JF)
  • Edy’s Bakery, Canoga Park (from Lola) – *whoa* is that still the Valley?!?!
  • El Tepeyac, LA
  • Firefly, Pasadena (from meshellee)
  • Follow Your Heart, Canoga Park (from Lola)
  • Fosselman’s Ice Cream, Alhambra
  • Fraiche Restaurant, Culver City – just went. definitely a winner.
  • Geoffrey’s, Malibu
  • Gin Sushi on Colorado, Pasadena (from Puffie)
  • Golden Deli, San Gabriel
  • Happy Family Chinese, Alhambra and Rowland Heights
  • The Hat, San Gabriel
  • Hop Woo, West LA (from Matthew)
  • Inn of the Seventh Ray
  • J&J Burger Shack & BBQ, on Adams, 2 blocks east of Fairfax
  • Juquila, West LA (from freddy)
  • King Taco, East LA – Strangely enough, I have eaten here a few times when I had a client in the area
  • Kiriko Sushi, Sawtelle (from ex-Westsider) – been there! love it! it’s one of my regular destinations.
  • Kiyokawa Sushi, Beverly Hills on Robertson, just south of Wilshire (from
  • LaLa’s Steakhouse on Melrose, Los Angeles (from Jaden) – I just went for the first time!
  • Library Ale House, Santa Monica – yes. come and knock on my door.
  • Maison Akira, Pasadena
  • Maxwell’s, Venice/Marina Del Rey
  • Melisse, Santa Monica
  • Mission 261, San Gabriel
  • Nam Won Gol , Western/Olympic, Koreatown (from David)
  • Native Foods, Westwood
  • Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse, downtown (from JF) – yes.
  • Noma Sushi, Santa Monica (via Bob, email) – been there! see Craig’s List! (just kidding)
  • Oomasa, Little Tokyo, for sushi (from David)
  • Orochon Ramen, 123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St., Little Tokyo (from David)
  • Orris – been there!
  • Osteria Mozza, LA – Benny, you and me both!
  • Pacific Dining Car, downtown and Santa Monica – went there for brunch. not bad.
  • Papa Cristo’s, LA
  • Parkway Grill
  • Patina
  • Philippe’s the Original, downtown (from JF) – been there! i fucking {heart} their mustard.
  • Phillip’s BBQ, LA (from David)
  • Pink Taco in the Century City Shopping Center (from Rebecca) – Really?
  • The Pita Kitchen, in my favorite place the SFV ;) (from Jerrold)
  • Pitfire Pizza, downtown and Westwood (from David)
  • Pizzicotto, Brentwood (from foodette) – i love this place, but it’s tough to fight the crowd.
  • Polka, Eagle Rock (from Lola)
  • R-23, downtown (from JF)
  • Robata-Ya, Sawtelle (from Matthew)
  • Robin’s BBQ, Pasadena
  • Rustic Canyon, Santa Monica – went there a couple of months ago, just haven’t written it up yet!
  • Saladang
  • Sasaya, West LA (from friend via email) – been there. should probably go back and give it another go.
  • Savoy, Alhambra
  • Senor Fish, LA – dude. i went there. didn’t like.
  • Shau May, Monterey Park
  • Shibuya, Calabasas
  • Smitty’s Grill, Pasadena
  • Sunnin Lebanese Cafe, Westwood
  • Sushi Zo, Culver City (from ex-Westsider and Mike) – definitely on my To-Dine List
  • Tender Greens, Culver City (from Meghna via email)
  • Vertical Wine Bistro, Pasadena (from Benny)
  • Vinum Populi, Culver City
  • Vivoli (from Hilary)- who wouldn’t go for that $1.50 valet?
  • Water Grill, downtown (from JF) – haven’t been there in a while. I guess it’s time.
  • Weiner Factory, Sherman Oaks (from David)
  • Yabu, West LA
  • Yang Chow, downtown (from David)
  • Yashima, Sawtelle (in the Olympic Collection)
  • Z Sushi, Alhambra

Outside LA:

  • Extraordinary Desserts, San Diego
  • Phil’s BBQ, San Diego
  • Bubbly Fish Cafe, Carmel – for caviar, cheese and chocolat tastings and ice wine
  • Little Swiss Cafe, Carmel – breakfast
  • Norma’s on West 57th/6th Ave, New York for breakfast (from Abraxis)
  • Good Enough to Eat, Amsterdam/84th, New York (from Abraxis)
  • Cava Restaurant, Montecito
  • Myetts in Cane Garden Bay, The Dove in Road Town, Sugar Mill Restaurant in Carrot Bay and Coco Plums in Little Apple Bay on the British Virgin Islands (from Sunset Divine)

Keep ’em coming. With my birthday celebration lasting the entire month of June, I’ll need them :)

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