Top 20 Burgers on TasteSpotting (That I Won’t be Grilling This Weekend Because…Why Start Now?)

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For painfully obvious reasons (or is it “obviously painful?”) I will be foregoing the hot girl-on-grill action this third and last of the three biggest grilling weekends of the year. A tragedy, really, with all the burgers, steaks, and ribs that have been taunting me. Incidentally, for the 20,000+ posts on TasteSpotting, there aren’t that many burgers. Of the ones we have, these are the most popular as determined by my top secret voodoo algorithm.

But even if I weren’t already planning to squeeze various combinations of blogging, formatting, styling, working, writing, strategizing, and pseudocoding into the commercial breaks during college football game day, I’d still skip the thrill of the grill because…why? Why start grilling now? I already missed out on the first two of the three biggest grilling weekends of the year: Memorial Day weekend, which is the official unofficial kickoff to the equally officially unofficial Grilling Season, and the 4th of July. Last time I checked the food bloggie handbook (which, admittedly, wasn’t all too recent), missing out on grilling weekends is cardinal sin. Seeking atonement with a single weekend, and at the end of the season at that, isn’t going to get me off the fast track to Semi-homemade Hell. I am a perfectionist anyway. A reliable, compulsively consistent, detail-oriented freak of a perfectionist, and if I’m going to skip a season, I’m going to skip it All. The. Way. No summer! No grilling!

Speaking of cardinal sins, I am led by free association to scarlet…and though I could wear a giant scarlet letter A on my chest for foodblogger adulteration (somehow, that doesn’t seem to be the right word), it will be a big fat O – that’s “oh,” not “zero,” mind you – for The Ohio State. I won’t be grilling burgers to watch college football, but will be making that equally all-American college game day food…

Banh Mi.

Enjoy the long weekend. Grill some burgers. I’ll be here, working away.

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  • mattatouille

    sadly i didn’t have burgers on Labor Day…instead my dad made jan-gook-bap for a dozen koreans. but man those burgers look amazing.

  • Craki

    I had a bison burger on Labor Day. It made me miss beef as much as I miss having a woman comfortable enough with me to pee with the door open.

  • Kirby!

    Hey, just a question… it seems like you are always working your ass for Tastespotting, presumably to the point where the load is too heavy… I know that I am probably really ignorant on the whole system, but it seems like there should be a way for Tastespotting to make enough money for you to hire more people to help you out with moderation. Hell, I’m sure there are tons of bloggers out there who would be willing to work a couple of hours a wekk for free, if it meant that you could get your life back. Just wondering…

  • freeway-J

    Due to a random circumstance of events (and cravings) I had pizza twice on Labor day and no burgers. As for in-n-out protein style burgers, I fake myself out about eating healthy with one of those at least once a week…I haven’t been able to rationalize getting the “animal style” fries, but I get them anyway!

  • Cheryl

    I just wanted to tell you how beautiful tastespotting is now. Keep up the great work! When do you sleep?!

  • Susan C

    Tastespotting is my new addiction. Thanks for all the hard work you do to give me this great pleasure!

  • Christie @ fig&cherry

    Great montage! I’m sad my fish burger didn’t make it ;)

  • dessertobsessed

    hi sarah! i just received my book in the mail today. thanks so much!

  • burumun

    Oh man … I'm still stufffed from Savor the Season but somehow now I'm feeling "hungry"
    I just want the taste of that grilled juicy ground meat in my mouth >_<

  • Just Cook It

    I have a sudden urge to have a burger tonight. Weird.

    Wow, they all look so good.

  • HoneyB

    I would love to have a burger tonight. Grumpy isn’t feeling well though so it will be simple for us. :(

    My son Chris was sitting beside me when I was looking at your post and he was saying it was making him too hungry – he had to leave. lol I showed him Tastespotting tonight and I have a feeling he’ll be looking at the site himself!

  • susan

    thats alot of burgers… :)

  • Aissa Galoso

    It’s the bulgogi burger for the win!

  • born

    Those burgers look so tasty. Wonder what i’ll have for dinner tonight…

    Garden Solar

  • Chez US

    We are excited to see that our burger made the top 20 – thanks!!!!

  • Sarah J. Gim

    ChezUS: and that was last summer, too. I guess it’s time to make a new roundup for this holiday!

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