Two More Weeks to Reign – Queen of Cuisine

In just two weeks, Monday May 3oth, the second edition of the online blogging event Dine & Dish will be coming to a close. This month’s theme, Queen of Cuisine, is any restaurant or eating establishment (hmm…not sure if Mom’s kitchen will work for this one) that’s headed up by a woman. The inaugural event, with the theme of Bar Fly was a lot of fun to do (I went to two places!), and it was just as fun to round up the other 12 players and dish out their adventures at the bar.

Already, I’ve been to one restaurant that fits in with the theme and now I have it in my stomach to go to another restaurant that’s headed up by a woman. I went to one of her restaurants last month for Bar Fly, and hopefully I’ll make it to another one this time around. *fingers crossed* But it’ll have to wait for next, since this week is Sugar High Friday-Citrus and I’ve got to get creative with gelatin for Is My Blog Burning no. 15.

I hope everyone else can play, too. Just email your posts to me anytime on or before Monday the 30th, and I’ll try to post everything up late on the 31st.

All Hail the Queen!

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