Ultimate Green Juice {recipe} and the BEST Juicer

ultimate green juice
I like to think of myself as a low-maintenance, low-drama, simple girl who doesn’t require much, if any at all, in the way of fancy things…

But then I shake myself out my fantasy of being every guy’s dream girl and remember that “simple girl” is an oxymoron. Just by sheer virtue of being female, I want to be taken out to a dress-up dinner every once in a while (and not just on my birthday, or better worse yet, on your birthday), I will storm out of the house in an irrational rage at least once, probably twice, most likely three times, and though I may not require a diamond bracelet, a Birkin, or a pair of Louboutins, every once in a while I like to add some brand-new, shiny, sparkly thing to my collection of…

kitchen accessories.

I preach that one should be able to get by in a kitchen with a very good knife, a large pot, and a pair of chopsticks. Even for something as awesome and seemingly magic-required to make as Bacon Jam, you can just use nothing more than a knife and a pot. Finely chop the bacon with a knife, fry it in the bottom of a large pot, then waste three watchful hours slow cooking it in the same pot on the stovetop.

You can do it with only two basic tools and three hours of your life, but why? Take back your three hours with a fancy food processor and a crockpot.

A bread machine. Blender. Ice cream maker. KitchenAid stand mixer. And most recently…

…a juicer.

I bought the Breville Ikon juicer. (<– full disclosure: that’s an affiliate link to amazon! If you click it and buy something, I will earn, like, eight cents!)

I love this juicer and recommend it to anyone who is thinking about buying one. Admittedly, I did very little research before I bought the thing, simply scanning a few health and wellness blogs and a few reviews on amazon, and this is the only juicer I’ve ever used, so I can’t legitimately claim that it’s “the BEST juicer ever!!!” so let me just illegitimately claim that it’s the best juicer ever. So far, it is easy enough to use (the animated gif below show how the components go together) and clean that I have been using it every day since it was delivered to the house.
Green Juice, up
My green juice every morning is a really good permutation of celery, kale, spinach, romaine lettuce (more for the “freshness,” less for the “green”) and ginger in varying ratios. Every once in while, cucumber makes an appearance with the greens. To help tame some of the overwhelmingly “green” taste, I add any or all of lemon, apple and pineapple (at the suggestion of some friends, thank you!).

At some point I will probably juice broccoli and Brussels sprouts. At some point I will probably “graduate” to shooting pure green juice. And at some point, the novelty of my new toy will wear off and I will store my Breville juicer away along with my ice cream maker and bread machine.

But until then, I’m slipping into the only pair of Louboutins I own and drinking this juice.

If you make/drink juice, what is your “recipe?” What other fruits and vegetables have you tried that you love? Do you have any other suggestions for juicing? Thank you!

Juicer Breville Ikon assembly

Ultimate Green Juice

makes about 16 ounces of juice in a Breville Ikon juicer


1 bunch of kale
1 bunch of spinach
3-4 stalks of celery and its leaves
1 piece of fruit: green apple, pear, or spear of fresh pineapple (base your choice on whatever is available to you as fresh and organic)
1 whole peeled lemon (save the peel for its zest!)
2-inch piece of ginger (use less if this is too spicy)
optional: half a hothouse or 2 Persian cucumbers (unpeeled)


Wash everything and make sure they’re all dry. It’s great if the fruit comes straight out of the fridge so the juice is cold.

Send everything through the juicer one by one. I have no idea if this is important to the mechanics of the juicer, but I start with the “softest” vegetables like spinach first, and end with the ginger.

Stick your juice in the freezer for 10 minutes to chill it down before drinking it.

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