Umami Hard Boiled Egg – The Delicious Daily 11.17.2009

With MSG listed as the fourth ingredient of a dozen in the nori komi furikake, this can only be called The Umami Egg.

It is my favorite way of eating hard boiled eggs — a splash of soy sauce, a squeeze of hot cock, and a sprinkle of nori komi furi-crack-e — but even with umami, I’m afraid I might be experiencing palate fatigue.

Inspire me? How do you eat your hard boiled eggs?

(Thank you, Chris de Cuisine, for coming up with the name.)

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  • jen

    Wasabi Mayo and sesame seeds.

  • Sarah J. Gim

    jen: i didn’t even think about using wasabi, which is just deliciously BRILLIANT.

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  • Bianca

    I’m boring and eat them plain but thanks for the inspiration to jazz it up a bit!

  • Fiona

    dijon mustard mixed with tiny bit of mayo, sprinkle the japanese seven spice- use as dip-sauce.

  • Mary Beth

    Devilled w/curry powder, lemon juice, dry mustard and mayo.

  • Sarah J. Gim

    Bianca: i eat them plain, sometimes, but then i end up choking because i cook the eggs until the yolks are pretty hard so without anything, they’re dry. at the very least, a little salt makes my mouth water :)

    Fiona: what is Japanese Seven Spice?! although somehow you just reminded me that perhaps I should try a dollop of yuzu kosho

    Mary Beth: LOVE deviled eggs. but always hard to do when i’m only making/eating one (or two).

  • Steph

    Deviled w/Japanese 7 Spice and cayenne.

    A few nights ago, my husband made it with 7 Spice, cayenne and soy sauce. It wasn’t bad ;) but I don’t normally eat my eggs with soy sauce unless its in a soup.

  • Steph

    Crap.. sorry. Not deviled.. hard boiled ;) That’s what little sleep does to you..

  • Sarah J. Gim

    Steph: another one with the mention of Japanese 7-spice! I must find out what this is!

    OK! I’m back, and who knew that Japanese 7-spice is the English name for Shichimi Togarashi? I have a little jar of that in my cupboard now, so it’s looking like I have breakfast ready for tomorrow…

    • Neil Gluckin

      For a variation on soy sauce, try Maggi Seasoning (the stuff in the bottle). When I worked in Switzerland, I used to buy hard boiled eggs at a alittl food store at the main train station in Zurich and at my desk, slice them in half with my handy Opinel knife and shake on the Maggi. But I also quite like them with soy sauce.

  • Jean Kyung Huston

    I love ideas like this, thank you.

  • Sarah J. Gim

    Jean: You’re welcome! And that’s why I need ideas, because soy+sriracha was all I had and, well, I can only eat that combination … well quite a lot, actually. But I’d love to try something new!

  • Trissa

    As a salad with mayo and asparagus – but I am loving how you eat yours!

  • Sarah J. Gim

    Trissa: when it comes spring, I shall make a salad with asparagus! Hm, tho (un)naturally, asparagus is available right now. I saw some the other day in the supermarket…I wonder where it’s from.

  • LulaB’loolah

    Am I the only one who doesn’t seem to keep “hot cock” in my kitchen?  What might be another name for this ingredient?

  • Dutchman’s Truffiere

    We eat ours with FACON from go lb. salt.  Tastes just like old school bacon – sweet, salty & smokey but with none of the fat, mess or clean-up!

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