Victor Jr.’s Pizza, Culver City – The Hotelling Phenomenon in Eatonomics

Victor Jr.’s Restaurant

10113 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

Pizza is sort of a twisted, backwards culinary interpretation of the hotelling phenomenon. without going back to econ 100A with professor olney, i’ll just say that it doesn’t really matter what pizza tastes like because i’ll just go to the place that will “minimize the average traveling costs.”

victor jr.’s in culver city is just another point on hotelling’s pizza model. less than a block away from the office, it’s good for a working dinner. but after 7 pm, it’s dark outside and the overhead lights are off so it’s great that they’ll run an order down the street for us. they’re nice, they work hard, and they have bible verses, psalm 91 and first corinthians, on their pizza boxes. (so much for the analogy to sex.) everything is made from scratch, so a whole pizza costs anywhere from $13.75 for just cheese to $23.00 for the deluxe. they’re 18”, though, and at 8 slices a pie, it can feed at least 4 people. more if there are dieters in the mix.

so given the way i feel about pizza, there isn’t much to say about the fresh veggie and the pepperoni pizzas. the crust was crunchy-soft, the sauce more spicy than sweet, veggies fresh, pepperoni greasy, and on the company’s dime, i can’t complain.

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  • Eddie Lin

    Have you tried Domiano’s “Mr. Pizza Man” on Fairfax near Beverly? A slice of Domiano’s scruptious thin crust is like having sex in Manhattan.

  • sarah j. gim

    since i’ll probably not make it to manhattan (does greyhound go to manhattan?), i’ll have to try it. :)

  • tiff

    i’ve been known to pepper conversation with little nuggets gleaned from olney’s 100a too. hehe… it’s quite a trek/ordeal and it’s a totally different slice of pie than zachary’s (which was quite the ordeal too now that i think of it), but casa bianca in eagle rock is a must try. believe the hype. the sausage and garlic…mmmm…

  • Anonymous

    the owner is as rude as the worst new yorker, but the pizza doesnt come even close. STAY AWAY FROM THIS RAT TRAP.

  • yukari

    Yes, Zachary’s in Berkeley is what I dream of and look forward to when I get to head up north- and, the employees are always fun & nice. Damiano’s, well, it’s hit & miss w/ attitude that doesn’t make pizza go down well, even with beer.

    Thanks for the helpful guide on pizza- I’m still on the hunt for goods in L.A., now that I’m back.

  • sarah

    tiff: oh, and you don’t wanna know how often GAME THEORY comes up.

    jazzthievz: true – but i’d have to give up something like 150 slices to save up for a $300 plane ticket.

    anonymous: yikes. can you tell us how you really feel?, though?

    yukari: oh, zachary’s. i must take a moment.


    yes, it makes me high thinking of the stuff. just went to the bay area for a visit recently, and brought back some half-baked spinach and mushroom pizzas.

    zachary’s, may 2006

    sure wish they would deliver to la.

  • T

    Dominos pizza is the best in FL

  • PitcherIPA

    I’m glad you gave a shout out to Zachary’s pizza as it is the best in Oakland, but I’m wondering if you’ve tried The Cheeseboard Pizza Collective in Berkeley. Cheeseboard Pizza is awesome. It’s always vegetarian, they only have one kind (different everyday), employee-owned, and it’s unique. I lived in Berkeley for six years and I will always always get at least a slice whenever I’m back in town. I actually prefer it to Zachary’s (sacrilegious, I know!).

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