VIP Harbor Seafood – Because Sesame Balls are Cheaper than Gas

vip harbor seafood, los angeles, ca

VIP Harbor Seafood

11701 Wilshire Boulevard (at Barrington Avenue)
Los Angeles, CA 90025

I try not to whine too much about the sorry state of certain things in our society overall for two reasons: 1) it’s depressing enough to whine about the sorry state of my flabby body as rendered by The Delicious Life, and 2) I just want to talk about myself and the sorry state of my flabby body as rendered by The Delicious Life.

I’m sort of self-centered and egotistical like that.

However, I can’t help but make mention in at least one paragraph of the ridiculosity of gasoline prices.

Gas prices are ridiculous.

Okay, thanks for letting me make mention.

This of course, has affected the way I live my life; it has prompted me to be more conservative. I rarely “go out” anymore because it pains me to fatten the fois gras profits of the petro companies by consuming their grossly overpriced product. I stay at home most of the time, and when an occasion rises that requires transportation, I walk. Bank, post office, grocery store, drug store, pizza, even a weekly farmers market, are all within walking distance. Take that, Chevron! See if I contribute to your daily diet of crude oil caviar and lobster!

Ah, how that makes me sound so very righteous.

However, I am, as it were, just lazy, and it does not matter who is gouging whom at the pump (though it does matter who is pumping whom). Gas could be $0.15 a gallon, and I’d still stay home. I am a lazy homebody these days.

vip harbor seafood, west los angeles, ca - spinach dumpling
steamed spinach dumpling
vip harbor seafood, west los angeles, ca - pork shiu mai
pork shiu mai

And that explains why an occasional craving for dim sum is very rarely satisifed with a long, gas-guzzling, unemployment-check-eradicating drive all the way out to the San Gabriel Valley for fabulous chow fun and har gow, or at worst, to Chinatown. I prefer to stay right here on the Westside, even if it means I must relegate my dim sum dining experience to the one, and only one, restaurant on the Westside that serves dim sum: VIP Harbor Seafood.

vip harbor seafood, west los angeles, ca - beef balls
who doesn’t love a good beef ball?
vip harbor seafood, west los angeles, ca - potstickers
you say “paht-sticker,” i say “poat-sticker”

VIP Harbor Seafood’s dim sum isn’t horrible. It’s just that there is limited variety and the quality would put it in the 50th percentile of all dim sum houses in LA. Of course, that sentence was blogged under the influence of decaf – I haven’t tried enough dim sum houses in LA to make such a broad, all-inclusive statement. Let’s just say that on my personal absolute-taste scale, VIP would be in the middle.

vip harbor seafood, west los angeles, ca - sesame balls
more balls!
vip harbor seafood, west los angeles, ca - sesame balls
$1.50/ball vs $3.39/gall

But one thing’s for sure – sesame balls taste good no matter where they’re from. And they sure are cheaper from VIP than the SGV.

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