Vodka + Cranberry – The Delicious Daily 12.16.2009

vodka + cranberry juice

Didn’t add grapefruit juice to officially make it a Seabreeze, but for the better. Seabreeze makes me think of high school skin care.

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  • santos.

    vodka+cranberry, no grapefruit=cape cod

  • babamoto

    Senior trip Habana, that waiter named Manolito; good times

  • Sarah J. Gim

    Santos: (un?)fortunately, I have no memories of Cape Cod.

    babamoto: wow. you actually remember your senior trip? I can’t even remember where I went…

  • Craig

    Some have moved on to vodka and soda.

  • Sarah J. Gim

    craig: vodka + soda is my usual, but you know, getting all festive with the cranberry

  • santos.

    name, dear. it’s called a cape cod.

  • Sarah J. Gim

    santos: i know :D but I was just blogging it as “not seabreeze” so that I could talk about Seabreeze and how I was certain that it would help give me teenage skin, but alas, I had baby soft/baby smoothskin babyface until after college. of course, NOW in my middle-ish age, my skin decides to breakout like a 13 year old’s.

    if i said vodka + cranberry = cape cod, that’d be all i could say. and there would be no therapy in that for me.

    incidentally, I have never ever heard anyone ever order it as a “Cape Cod.”

  • santos.

    back in the olden days, the old waitresses–older than the olden days–used to correct anyone who wouldn’t order a drink by its correct name. happened everywhere–the formosa, delmonico’s, nickodell’s, chasen’s….oh wait. places too old for you.

  • dawn

    a cape codder! that’s a popular drink here. you should come here, I’ll buy you a couple of these! lol
    yeah I remember Seabreeze skin stuff, man that stuff could take a layer of skin off!

  • Sarah J. Gim

    santos: not too old for me! Formosa is still there ;)

    dawn: I’ve actually stopped drinking cocktails with “color.” One too many nights spilling one of these Cape Codders or worse a Cosmo (always, because of the glass) onto my usual monochrome white evening outfit has trained me to clear vodka + clear soda.

    Of course, I don’t go out anymore so maybe I’ll go back to colored cocktails. Cranberry juice is supposed to be good for you, right?

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