The Way I Are – Sarah’s Answers to “How Delicious Are You?”

how delicious are you?
The question: How delicious are you?
The answers: Very.

Thank you, everyone, for playing along and not letting me feel like the loser loner on the blogging playground playing tetherball by herself (slightly less traumatizing than Four Square Solitaire). Seriously, I think I might have gone into $125-therapy-requiring shameshock if the comments section had been left empty.

Of course, if you haven’t played yet, STOP READING HERE! Click to the How Delicious Are You? Taste Test and answer without looking ahead at the correct answers, you cheater! Didn’t anyone ever tell you that cheaters never prosper (unless they’re caught)?

So yes, these are my answers, which I guess would be the “right” answers since this is my game. Give yourself a point for every matching answer, and whoever receives the highest scores wins! Please, don’t expect a real, material prize. I’m a blogger, so the only reward you’re going to get from me is…lots of praise and love2.0! By the way, there are no points for second place. (I just had to throw that in, didn’t I?) In order to get the full effect of how I answered these questions, I highly recommend blasting Timbaland’s “The Way I Are” and imagine yours truly in a frilly little apron and skyhigh heels stomping around the kitchen singing my answers into a balloon whisk microphone.

How Delicious I Are, or Score Yourself to See if We are PiCs

1. What was the last thing you ate?
At any given time, I will have had a glass of Emergen-C within the last three hours. However, since fizzy vitamins are technically not food (at least for most people), the last thing I ate was an impromptu pasta tossed with Mediterranean ingredients like artichoke hearts, olives, and tomatoes.

2. Licorice…black or red?
Oh honey, do I even have to say it? “Once you go black…”

3. Red…Twizzlers or Red Vines?
Two words: Crazy Delicious. Besides, Twizzlers taste like vinyl.

4. Your idea of the perfect dinner out is…
If it’s “dinner out,” it’s already perfect. However, anything involving silvery-skinned raw fish will do me every time.

5. You picked the perfect dinner. Now how are we getting there?
Why did I even ask this? This is such a stupid question.

6. How much do you tip?
I’m Korean. What do you think?!?! (20%, and don’t forget, I’m not really Asian so I can’t do math)

7. How often are we eating out?
Every chance we can get, and not just restricted to dinner.

8. List three things in your refrigerator right now.
~ Industrial-size jar of fermenting cabbage, aka “ausome
~ Lots of mixers
~ Hot cock

9. What are you cooking for dinner?
The reality of The Delicious Life is that I have not made any attempt in the kitchen that could legally be called “cooking” in over a year, so what makes me think I would be cooking dinner for us? I think the last time I actually made a real meal, it was the Bulgogi Burger last June. However, I can cook, I want to cook and if I were to cook, I would most likely make some shamefully Americanized version of Korean food.

Oh, whom am I kidding? What are you cooking?

10. Breakfast…savory or sweet…
I can appreciate impossibly fluffy pancakes drowning in a glossy cocktail of melted butter and pure maple syrup or an obscenely over-stuffed French toast, but the game-time decision is always savory. I love eggs, and especially love making a rich man’s poor man’s eggs Benedict.

11. Do you drink the milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl?
The only thing I drink in the morning is hot and black, and we’re not talking about Pharrel. Toss in a splash of Kahlua, and I might take you back for breakfast in bed.

12. What food has made you cry? And if food has never made you cry, let me take you to Table8 for a grilled cheese sandwich and some deep-fried chorizo-stuffed olives.
I just gave my answer, but to expand a little, I rarely cry, let alone over food. Only three times in my life has food ever brought me to tears that wasn’t for firespice: the first time I tasted steak grilled rare, the first time I tasted toro, and most recently, the Shortrib Grilled Cheese Sandwich at Table8. Then again, that might only have been because I caught a glimpse of Chef Armstrong through the little window between the bar and the kitchen. Yes, I am that stupid.

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1 J. August 3, 2007 at 9:45 pm

6. How much do you tip?
I’m Korean. What do you think?!?! (20%, and don’t forget, I’m not really Asian so I can’t do math)”

Huh – well, we all know that the Chinese / Taiwanese are cheap bastards and probably tip the least… but Koreans are known as generous (in my book) tippers? I have never heard this (I’m Korean).


2 Anonymous August 3, 2007 at 10:51 pm

Oh honey, do I even have to say it? “Once you go black…”

“The only thing I drink in the morning is hot and black, and we’re not talking about Pharrel.”

u have a thing for black guys?


3 imTSENsational August 3, 2007 at 11:17 pm

Asian people are not cheap tippers. That is a very insulting stereotype. The ignorance in this world is just appalling. As an Asian yourself, J., you should be ashamed of yourself for furthering this misconception.

There is no trend when it comes to how much each race tips. It depends on the individual.

Sorry Sarah, but I just had to bring this up. It is just an insult to other Asians.


4 Daily Gluttony August 4, 2007 at 1:00 am

giiiirl, i think i woulda cried too if i caught a glimpse of govind armstrong. hubba hubba.


5 Mehgan August 4, 2007 at 8:12 pm

Darn, I don’t think I did too well. Oh well, it was still fun reading your answers! Too bad I can’t be your PiC, we could rap Lazy Sunday together. “Mr. Pibb and Red Vines equals CRAZY DELICOUS!”


6 J. August 4, 2007 at 10:11 pm


Do you, perchance, write for Asian Week? ;)

I must apologize, my comment was meant in good fun and a friendly jibe at the well known (I thought) stereotype that Chinese / Taiwanese are quite cheap (perhaps the word “frugal” will help set your mind at ease).

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but in S. Korea, tipping is not customary except in Western hotels, and is considered ungracious… which is why I believe I’ve never really heard this stereotype.

For a more positive stereotype, in my experience, Koreans, in a large group at a restaurant, always jump to pay the bill first (sometimes an actual fight will break out!)

Oh, and also please know that I’m aware that it’s not fair / judicious to paint an entire race with a broad brush stroke. Asians hold man stereotypes about other Asians – it is all in good fun to me (i.e. I don’t actually believe all Korean men are wife-beaters, all Phillipinos are great singers and dances etc.)

Sorry for the hijack, and excellent blog, glad I stumbled across it.


7 Ima Wurdibitsch August 5, 2007 at 3:46 am

I need to change my answer on the food that made me cry. I just had the carpaccio at Grille 29. It was so flippin’ amazing.

I’d never heard the thing about Asians being poor tippers. I thought the general consensus was that women were lousy tippers and that always pissed me off.


8 Anonymous September 14, 2007 at 6:19 am

Sarah, honey, you are one delicious tart. Whip Cream.


9 Anonymous September 14, 2007 at 6:19 am

Sarah, honey, you are one delicious tart. Whip Cream.


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