WBW no. 9 – Think Pink!

Pink is one of my favorite colors (white is the other, even for wine!), so I was totally tickled that Sam of Becks and Posh chose Think Pink! as the theme for this month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday.

A wine-nerd friend sort of internally *gasp!*ed at my request for a rosé recommendation. But he knows that I’m a complete wine rookie, so gently recommended something very French. Guigal. Cote du Rhone. 2003. He even went so far as to call a nearby notable wine store to put it on hold for me so I wouldn’t walk in and embarrass myself asking for “Giga Coat Drone. It’s pink.” ;)

But the wine house closes at 7 each night, and I rarely, if ever, leave the office before 8. And of course, I couldn’t really expect a wine store to be open before 10 am. My CFO’s patience has already been worn paper thin with my attendance/tardiness in recent weeks with my renegade mission to the farmers markets, so I had to go on my instincts (scary!) and whatever was written on the sales tag at Whole Foods just before closing. 2004 Vida Organica Malbec Rose from Familia Zuccardi.

Vida Organica is from Familia Zuccardi, who also makes wines under the Santa Julia label. The Zuccardi family has been in the Mendoza region of Argentina for a very long time, but have not always in the wine business. Apparently, the family was actually in the business of irrigation, but decided to grow grapes, somewhat of a living demo of their irrigation systems. Their grapes are all organically grown, including malbec, which I tasted for the first time in a rosé form.

darkly pink, like hawaiian punch

Malbec is a grape that’s grown in Bordeaux, France to make red wines, so perhaps that is why I have always thought malbec was strictly from Argentina. I’m learning something new every day. They make deep dark red wines, which explains why even as a rose, it was a very dark pink and looks like Hawaiian Punch in my wine glass. Malbec has lots of tannins, and according to research, tastes somewhere between a cabernet and merlot.

So perhaps that is why I didn’t love malbec rosé from Vida Organica. I stuck my nose all the way down in there, and there was nothing other than *crinkled nose*. I tried to find something. They said plum. They said anise. I am lame and I couldn’t find either of those, though I would say that upon tasting, it’s more fruity than spicy. It was a little too strongly tannic for me, which I normally am okay with when I expect it, but this is a rosé, and I guess I was expecting something sweeter, lighter, and much easier to drink (for me). Half the bottle is sitting *for shame for shame* on the top shelf of my fridge.

Ah well. You wine some, you lose some.

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  • dwg

    Pretty ok and inexpensive rose: Vin Gris Cigare by Bonny Doon. Still fairly fruity, but not nearly as tannic as the one you had. Give it a shot!

  • The Cork Dork

    Hi. Sorry you didn’t enjoy your choice. There are lots of great ros´s out there, especially from Tavel, near C.D. Rhone.

    I really enjoyed my WBW choice, an Italian rosé Bardolino, Corte Gardoni Bardolino Chiaretto. You can get it at Kermit Lynch or Vineyard gate. Yum. Check out the review by clicking my name. -CD

  • Rachael

    You know, because of their (awesome and good for the earth) strict policies on ingredients and manufacturing, the wines at Whole Foods never really pan out. Sad really, since obviously the producers are earth friendly and whatnot, it just doesn’t seem like those things bode that well for really excellent wine. Sigh. I mean sure, there are some good ones, but there are many more bad ones.

  • Sam

    Sorry you didn’t like it Sarah – if you want something sweeter how about white zin :) ???!
    when i finish this round up (takes ages!) maybe you’ll find some other recs to your taste. Hope so and thanks for taking part,

  • Anonymous

    hmmm – doesn’t sound like it was too yummy. In my experience, Rose is tricky; French (provence or cote de rhone) roses are generally better; also I’ve enjoyed some syrah and zinfandel roses from CA (Paso Robles – label that springs to mind is Peachy Canyon). Anyway, they always seem best with food to me – fruit salad and grilled chicken, served outside on a very warm day. Don’t give up on them yet.


  • Jessica

    It doesn’t surprise me malbec rose was a disappointment. I adore malbecs with hearty steak, especially at Carlito’s Gardel. The “El Felino” malbec is an excellent value ($13-14), by the way.

    Too bad about this bummer rose, but man, are there some great ones out there! I keep getting more and more into them. My fave is Fiddlehead Cellars “Pink Fiddle” pinot rose (served it at a baby shower and people went wild for it, even the guys), as well as the Sanford pinot noir Vin Gris. Much better than icky pink zins. Buttonwood Cellars makes o.k. rose syrah, but nothing close to the other two I mentioned. You can get some southern french ones for around $10-12 per bottle, too. Rene at Du Vin on San Vicente stocks several delish inexpensive roses.

  • Tracy

    Malbec Rose sounds Intriguing. It’s unfortunate it fell flat. I was researching them when I found this website. My local wine shop had one but I couldn’t remember the producer. I was on a real rose kick last summer and I’m about to resume it. It’s too hot for reds here in Phoenix. Anyway, I found most of my favorites were nice dry cheaper Mediterranean roses like, La Vielle Ferme(southern France), Torres’(Spanish), Marques de Caceres’(Spanish) another southern French one called La Tour du Provot from the Nimes area I picked up at Trader Joe’s was pretty good. I wasn’t impressed with the Tavel and Bandol hotshots I tried. The American roses I tried were either not dry enough of were kind of dull.

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