We All Gave in to the Asian Persuasion – Dine & Dish no. 5

dine and dish no. 5 - asian persuasion
You tried, but you couldn’t fight it off. Was it the heat so hot that it made you sweat? Was it the exotic spices that piqued your interest? Maybe it was nothing at all except that it was your very first time. The attraction was too strong. You couldn’t resist, and yes, yes you did, you naughty thang. You gave in to…Asian Persuasion for Dine & Dish no. 5.

So, now no more of this silly teasing and taunting, let’s just get on with our sexy little tour around Asia, starting with, what else? Korean ;)

Korean Killer

On a very rare and special date night in Knoxville, the Happy Sorceress seduces her husband with some spicy yook-gae-jahng that’s got him exclaiming, “That’s hot!” over the beef and green onion soup all night. Stephanie’s vegetarian, so she sticks to the bibimbahp, a bowl of mixed rice and vegetables. Good thing they both were good sports about the LDKG (short for LoudDrunkKoreanGuys, trademarked by the Happy Sorceress herself).

Give in to the Geisha

From a UK blog that’s new to me, Souperior, Fahara makes a visit to the Birmingham location of a restaurant they had tried in London called Wagamama. The restaurant’s name and the Japanese-sounding dishes like ebi raisukaree might deceive you into thinking you’re in for a Tokyo treat, but dishes with coconut and lime sure sound Thai to me!

Who knows how Mia can maintain her Skinny Epicurean figure when eating out twice for Dine and Dish! Must be the fact that it’s delicate Japanese, first up with sashimi at Minoru then Akane for a kaiseki meal, a traditional Japanese meal of small, light dishes, like a tasting menu.

It’s a mere 5° where Rodney is, so he’s craving something warm. Since he doesn’t feel right eating Chinese ma-po tofu while in Tokyo, he’s tempted by a small soba shop and goes in for a steaming hot bowl of soba with tempura.

Fellow LA girl Amy expands her Foodie Universe by making a visit to the very recently opened Chabuya Noodle Bar, a chain of noodles houses from Japan. Not only did she go on there on their unannounced preview night, but went back for their official grand opening to give them a proper review!

Isn’t it quite obvious where the Tokyo Astro Girl would end up? Another fellow LA girl ends up Izayoi, a Japanese restaurant in LA’s Little Tokyo that specializes in izakaya. However, she and her husband focus mostly on sushi that doesn’t end up being too good. But who cares when they have seafood cream croquettes!?!

Tantric Temptation from India

In the The Cook’s Cottage, we have Deccanheffalump, probably one of my favorite food blog aliases. She takes us to Prem’s, a restaurant that’s been around since the ‘80s! Prem’s dabbles a little bit in all of Asia, and even beyond. Who wouldn’t love a side of French fries with their curry?!

Ah, the girl who not only never lets us down, but always takes it up to another level. Returned to SF from her recent trip back home, Sam waxes poetic about her favorite Indian spot…in London! If I were the Maharani, I’d do anything for a girl that wrote an ode to my prawns puri. :)

Look out for…Laotian

My favorite Australian, Augustus Gloop, gets the prize for most exotic with a dinner at Selina. Now Thai is fairly common around these parts (in LA), but not Laotian! Selina is in Fairfield, an area that has a pretty decent Laotian population. AG can’t decide between a Laotian green papaya salad and the Thai version, so does what any good/bad blogger would do: grab your fork and order both!

Break Through the Great Wall

From my (second) home state, Ohio, Stuart shows off his favorite Chinese-style chicken soup at C&Y in Cleveland. Loosen your belt, because Stuart then tempts us through a veritable virtual buffet of Chinese desserts.

From the Spanish Cockpit, Almendro takes us to Le Dragon in Madrid, which is supposedly in Madrid’s China “town,” which is more of a “China-convenience-store-on-the-side-of-an-otherwise-abandoned-highway.” It’s all good, especially with a very Chinese ending of…espresso.

I’m not exactly sure where the Jell-o belt is, but that’s where Vanessa craves. For Dine and Dish, she craves Hong Kong Tea House, and though her entire post and photos of salt and pepper calamari and Chinese broccoli are great, she won me over with one line: “Sometimes I like food more than men anyway.” Why do you think I have a food blog, Vanessa? ;)

Tomatom is in Melbourne (40 lashes with a wet noodle on me for mixing this up with Sydney) with a secret plot to try a brand new place, but the plan gets thwarted when the place is closed. No matter, as he ends up stuffed with all kinds of yummy dim sum stuff at Yum Cha. What a mouthful!

Sweetnicks is a busy gal, and deserves to take it nice and easy every once in a while with Chinese take-out. She’s a girl after my own stomach – Sweetnicks loves the appetizers. She may have enough leftover for lunch the next day, but I never do.

From Washington D.C. Katherine of a very proper Toast Point does dim sum and then sum. First she does a dim sum lunch at Mark’s Duck House, and since you can never have enough Chinese food, has a take out dinner of noodles from Meiwah’s. And what about breakfast?

Mealcentric, another SoCal favorite of mine, visits northern Taiwan via Tri Village in Irvine. A few mishaps with service, a few mishaps with food, so it sounds like the 45-minute drive to SGV is a better deal than a 45-minute wait at nearby Tri Village!

Vixens do Vietnamese

Remember that dialogue Who’s on First? Imagine it in a Vietnamese restaurant, trying to order pho with friends. Daily Gluttony’s Pam had me laughing out loud with her “two number two” ordering adventure at Pho So 1 in LA’s Valley. Sound like the name of the place should be Fussy One instead.

We can’t ever talk about LA without inviting Rachael, an LA girl that’s got a Fresh Approach to everything. Who knew you could be an ooh-la-la girl and still eat?!? ;) Rachael and her BFFs go for hipster pho at Pho Cafe on Sunset. Tell us more about the Card Shark!

Jennifer, who will always Taste Everything Once in Spokane, does just that at Kim Do for Vietnamese. She does take-out of cha gio, bun, and com, because she doesn’t want to get caught cheating by Linnie. Naughty!

Thai You Up

Is it getting hot in here or is that my admire-from-afar crush with whom I’ve spent a Year in Food, returned from a three month trip carousing around Europe? Yes, he’s back in NYC and like a sailor at sea who hasn’t seen a woman in three years, he attacks a Thai feast at Sripraphai with utter abandon.

Think you know your geography? Lady Amalthea teaches us that Iran is indeed a part of Asia, and goes for Persian food at Darvish Restaurant in Claremont, California. It’s hers and her girlfriends’ first time with Persian food, and they did fairly well with kabob barg (skewered filet mignon), fesenjoon (walnut pomegranate sauce over chicken), and Adas Polo with Koobideh (beef skewer on rice with raisins, lentils, and dates).

Falling for Filipino

Mmm-yoso’s Kirk and I exchanged a few words about Asian and in the end, he and the missus went for Filipino food at Ben’s 1615 in National City. You think
I’m the only one whose mind is in the garbage disposal? Take a peek at Kirk’s buns. LOL!

And finally, there’s The Delicious Life. That’s me, Sarah, and I seem to be quite the hypocrite, for as much as I decry Thai, I end up at Palms Thai in Hollywood. But who can resist Elvis?!?! You’d eat a bowlful of lemongrass and cilantro if Thai Elvis was serenading you, too.

Thanks to all who gave in to the Asian Persuasion for Dine and Dish no. 5 this month and for having the patience to wait for our sexy romp around Asia. And if I missed you, please leave me a comment or email me and I’ll add you in…I realize that there may be a few who participated, but I didn’t get an email from you!

Hope we all can play in the next one! I’ve got a few idea for after the Holidays, and if you do too, let us know…

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  • Ed

    Hey it’s Melbourne not Sydney! That’s like mixing up LA with San Francisco! I eventually made the new secreat place and it was great. But I’m not sure I want to publicise it as it has banned a food critic friend. Oh well, backto Yum Cha. That’s not so bad though.

  • Kirk

    Hi Sarah – Just couldn’t leave my “buns” alone……sould you! LOL!

  • Daily Gluttony

    Another fantastic round up! (Now I get to spend my day reading everyone’s posts–yay!) As always, thanks for hosting & can’t wait for the next one!!! =)

  • Lady Amalthea

    Great round-up! Next time I promise to include a picture iwth my post (my camera’s currently out of commission).

  • Stephanie

    Fantastic, Sarah!

    And Matt’s really excited about the next one…so, thank you. Maybe I can get him to take me out for dinner at least once a week; all because of you!

  • Stephanie

    Oops…that was supposed to ‘once a month’. Between the dogs and Alex, we’d never manage a weekly night out!

  • vanessa

    Thanks for doing this, great job Sarah!
    And the lovely Jell-O belt is Utah :)

  • Kalyn

    Really a nice job writing this up. This was one that I meant to participate in, but didn’t make it. Still, it was fun reading what everyone else did.

  • hermz

    So many participants… cool!

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